Today’s latest innovations are creating scalable solutions in women’s lives in order to make them easier and promote their mental and social well-being. The innovative smart devices help make life easier and help balance household chores, work, self-care, and childcare. Hence, to reduce the burden of responsibilities, women need products in their lives that make things easier and more efficient.
Thanks to advanced technology, from wearable trackers to breast pumps, new inventions are now hitting the market and easing the odds for women. Through the platform of Fujn, we make every effort to ease women’s life and find solutions for their challenging routines. We have compiled a list of 5 Innovations Making Women’s Life Easier:

5 Innovations Making Women’s Life Easier



Bellabeat is a health tracker for women, designed to be worn at all times. It is a pendant in the shape of a leaf, made of hypoallergenic stainless steel and natural water-resistant wood composite. It can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, or clip.

The Bellabeat is a brilliant piece of jewelry that looks like regular everyday jewelry.

When life gets busy, we sacrifice our health and wellbeing. This piece of jewelry ensures our health and wellness and keeps informing us about our stress and activity levels.

Bellabeat works as follows:

● It can monitor activity levels, sleep, and stress levels. It helps you know how long you sleep and how much more sleep your body needs.

● When you sleep at night and your body is at its calmest, Bellabeat measures your resting heart rate, breathing rate, and cardiac rhythm and determines the quality of your sleep.

● It tracks your menstrual cycle so that you can adjust your schedule and diet plan accordingly. It also gives you an alert a day before your period starts.

● By customizing your reminder settings, you can set reminders to take your health supplements, add any activity, or drink more water.

● This bio tracker also comes with a series of meditation exercises.

● Bellabeat has five levels of required activity with an inactivity alert. It reminds you to stretch if you’ve been sitting for long. And the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode can also be set for your ease.

Life’spro Massage Gun


Life'spro Massage gun

Life’spro Massage Gun

Life’s Massage Gun is designed with women in mind to ease the everyday struggles and pains that hold them back. Massage guns are electronic devices that improve blood circulation and relieve pain. The head of the massage gun is used to create vibrations on the skin on the aching spots and with the correct pressure this can help relieve stress. Sometimes it is also known as vibration therapy as it has many benefits. According to a study, vibration therapy can significantly improve muscle endurance, increase strength, and improve kinesthetic awareness.

● If you have muscle soreness from lifting something heavy or exercising, you don’t have to worry about pain anymore, with your massage gun. Massage gun therapy can significantly reduce the pain and get you going again.

● Massage guns help the body release happy hormones such as dopamine and serotonin.

● Lack of sleep is a real problem nowadays that affects our performance. Massaging your body with a massage gun releases serotonin and melatonin. Melatonin helps you get a sound sleep.

● In addition, they help improve blood circulation and boost the immune system. Because of enhanced circulation, white blood cells and other immunity factors can travel more efficiently through the body’s tissues, potentially improving the body’s immune response to fight infection.

● Because percussion massage therapy can improve circulation and reduce stress, your brain is likely more oxygenated and alert. More oxygen and alertness usually help maintain a better sense of focus.

Elvie Pump


Elvie Pump

Motherhood comes with many challenges, and one of the biggest challenges a new working mom faces is breastfeeding. As reported, 1 in 4 American mothers returns to work within two weeks of giving birth.

From watching what you eat and drink to fitting into your baby’s desired feeding schedule, breastfeeding can be overwhelming. The best favor new moms can do for themselves is to get an Elvi Pump.

The Elvie Pump is an electric, wireless and wearable breast pump. It’s simple to wear, you just need to put it in your bra, and it is controlled by your phone.

Some of its facilitating points are:

● Its portable feature distinguishes it. You can easily move around and wear it while working.

● Elvi is a silent, wearable pump controlled by phone, allowing women to collect breast milk without anyone knowing.

● Being a gentle pump, you feel like nursing a baby.

Period Panties

Period Panties

Period Panties

For centuries, periods have been a source of worry and anxiety. When our periods are around the corner, with a lack of energy and mood swings, we have to worry about buying and discarding menstrual products, such as pads, liners, and tampons.

But now, a smart innovation has resolved this problem. It is period panties! Period panties are underwear that you wear on your monthlies. They are highly absorbent to keep in the flow of your period and they are available in different styles and thicknesses to suit your needs.

These period panties incorporate moisture-wicking and anti-microbial properties to help prevent odor. The most appealing thing is that they reduce your expenses as they are reusable.

Here are some of their benefits:

● They’re easy to use. Just put them on, like you would a regular pair of knickers, and get on with your daily life.

● These period panties are designed to be reused unlike traditional menstrual products that you flush down the toilet or throw away in the bin,

● Because you don’t have to throw them away every time you use them, as you do with traditional menstrual products, they help save you money.

● Pads feel too fiddly or bulky to wear, and tampons feel uncomfortable. Period underwear overcomes all these problems.

● Period panties are very liberating and comfortable. You don’t have to worry about stains or your pads being noticeable. And most importantly, they’re environment-friendly.

Embr Wave 2

Embr wave 2

Embr wave 2

The Embr Wave 2 is a temperature control, wearable personal device. With thermoelectricity technology, the device helps control the temperature of your body, be it warm or cool.

With both cooling and warming sensors, it balances your body temperature and can even improve sleep quality. You simply wear it on your wrist.

● Wearing the Embr Wave wristband gives you instant relief from hot flushes.

● It also improves your sleep and controls menopausal symptoms like night sweats, chills, and sleep disturbances.

Final Thoughts on 5 Innovations Making Women’s Life Easier

These inventions have made life easier for many working women around the world. Balancing the workplace, home chores, and taking care of kids is not a piece of cake. In all these situations, a woman neglects herself.

To help our dear fellow women, we have curated a list of innovations they can incorporate into their lives to make them easier.

Don’t neglect yourself and bring innovation help into your life to reduce your burdens and help boost your wellbeing. You are your self’s most important priority.

Authored by Afsheen Khan

Edited by Yara Fakhoury

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