Women’s age stigma and how the age is only a number that should not matter. More women than men think their age is a big source of stress. They are rushed when they are young and they are crushed when they are older. And they waste valuable energy to live happier and get things, that matter, done. At fujn, we think your age is just a NUMBER!

You don’t have to start everything right and get all your goals on track, really early in your life, but you certainly can. Interestingly, many renowned women became successful at the age of forty or fifty years old. Some types of success require experience, wisdom, patience, and above all, a long-time effort that nobody has in their youth.

Will my age NOT matter?

As long as you create a thirst for doing something and build the will to achieve it, your age is just a number. You need to realize what makes you happy and alive inside. Many people make their work their ‘happy place’ and never get tired of it. For other people, chilling and traveling are the essence of life, and they enjoy it without being worried about career goals, age, or achievements. And this is also a choice we respect.

Women and Age Stigma

It is a fact not a feeling that women sacrifice more of their careers compared to men. To make a family and a happy home they give up on their dreams. However, when their kids grow up and have time to think about themselves, the advanced age narrows down their career opportunities by society’s standards or by their own inner limitations. Then, the majority of them give up. Studies show that over half of women accept that there is no hope of achieving their ideal jobs and goals after their 40s. The good news is that we currently live in a digital time where a lot of things that were not possible are now possible. But, there is a but, this requires the right amount of perseverance, learning, an ecosystem of resources and people, and consistent efforts.


Your Age and Some Inspiration

Despite the several tales of ‘wizkid’ entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg, who make their name in dorm rooms, there are women who actually made their names in their late forties. The list below might serve as your dose of inspiration for today and hopefully, many more days to come:

Brenda Cascio

She was a sporadic art designer. In her late 40s, she founded her company, ‘the GB designs,’ with the idea of customizing weddings and design studios. She jumped into the business as her daughter grew up. She couldn’t make it until her 50s, and today her company generates sales in millions. Her company’s name is associated with big fashion studios.

Nina Zagat and Tom Zagat

Both husband and wife were 51-year-old lawyers when they published their first collection of restaurant reviews in 1979 under the Zagat name, which eventually became a culinary authority brand worldwide.

Shelley Goodstein

Previously co-hosted the program’ ‘The Morning Bend” and many others. She founded the niche of her company in her late forties with the name ‘Hidden Crown Hair’.

Doris Fisher and Donald Fisher

Without prior experience in the retail market, Mr. and Mrs. Fisher, in their late years, opened the first store in San Francisco in 1969 with the name of Gap. The store swiftly became well renowned. Today, it is reckoned among the world’s largest clothing chains.

Vera Wang

One of the world’s premier women’s wear designers, Vera Wang, started her fashion designing career at 40 years old. Prior she served as a skater and journalist. From Michelle Obama to the Kardashians, many women have donned her exquisite dresses on their wedding days or special occasions.

Julia Child

The TV chef and cookbook author became a food sensation after her book “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” and the TV show “The French Chef”. She became a household name in her fifties. Then, she created a slew of bestseller shows and books that covered every aspect of culinary knowledge. Watch the movie “ Julia & Julia” to get a feel of her life in a quick and fun way.

Liberate your mind

Yes, this is your “ liberate” moment from what others say about what can or cannot be done and at what age.

Keep enjoying the bliss of working. Don’t ignore the power of baby steps. Invest time to figure out what brings you real joy. Measure your efforts and monitor your success . If you do that then you have time, whether you’re 40, 50, or beyond.


Yes, your age is just a number for achieving your goals and ambitions. In fact, the mindset to make it before your 30s or 40’s is not a growth mindset and rather a fixed one. Success, self-actualization, and self-satisfaction have no age. Self-awareness, vision, and efforts might start at any age. Stop comparing your success with that of others. Instead, remove the limits you’ve put on yourself by tying success with age. It’s never too late to start and with the digital age, you have no excuse but to go forward and upward.

Authored by Afsheen Khan For Fujn

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