Anastasia Lena, the beauty warrior is Miss Ukraine who has joined her country’s military to do her part for her country in the wake of this Russian invasion that came from nowhere to upend the lives of Ukrainians.  Miss Ukraine, Anastasia Lena, has recently joined the Ukrainian army to urge and inspire the people of her country to come forward and serve in the fight against one of the world’s superpowers. What more would you want more from a woman whose job was a beauty pageant? Doesn’t it deserve a standing ovation? Doesn’t send a resounding message that women are about much more…

Who is Anastasia Lena? 

Since the conflict unfolded between Ukraine and Russia, many photographs of homeless families, terrified children, and family members saying their goodbyes have circulated on social media platforms. People are in a panic mode worldwide, notably in Ukraine, where Moscow’s military has invaded many areas and is on its way to the country’s capital, Kyiv. So far, over 600,000 People fled the country due to the unsafe situation. And tens of thousands of Ukrainians have stepped forward to fight alongside the military against the Russian invaders.  A well-known name that has joined the Ukrainian army is Anastasia Lena. This character gained a lot of attention, gave inspiration to others to join, and set a historic precedent. Ms. Lena is a management graduate from Kyiv’s Slavistik University. She has worked as a model and a translator. 

Anastatsia Lena Beauty Warrior

Anastasia Lena, Miss Ukraine 2015

Miss Ukraine Enlisted in the Army 

During the first week of the invasion, Ukrainian civilians have demonstrated high bravery. They are fighting to preserve their country’s independence. One of these civilians is an influential figure woman who has taken up her weapons and showed up for duty. Ex-Miss Ukraine’s news of joining the military caught fire. Anastasia Lena had been crowned Miss Grand Ukraine.


Ex-Miss Ukraine Fighting for her Country

Influencer to Galvanize Civilians

The Ukrainian government has called on civilians to join the army as Russia intensifies its military aggression aimed at total subjugation. Ukrainian distributed weapons to civilians who desired to volunteer to defend their country.  During these tenuous circumstances, the picture of a former Miss Grand Ukraine winner with a gun showed up on social media and went viral. 

Anastasia, the Miss Grand International pageant in 2015 shared two pictures on her Instagram account. She was wearing military gear and holding weapons. Her hashtags called for an end to the war and prayers for Ukraine. She might have wanted to send a message and inspire others to join her in her fight for her beloved country.  

Authored by Afifa Maryam Siddiqui

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