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How to Start a Podcast

If you have an attractive voice, a talent for speaking, and a message to spread, then this article is for you! All that you need is some simple tools to kick off your journey. In this audio article, we walk you through the steps to launch a podcast channel.

Promote Yourself on

Medium is considered one of the popular platforms to interact with readers. Publishing on can help you reach a wider audience. To promote yourself on, listen to the tips in this audio!

How to Develop a Growth Mindset

Growth mindset vs. a fixed mindset. What are these two mindsets and how to build one versus another?  A mindset plays a big role in a person’s life journey. Two different mindsets produce two different attitudes, approaches, and outcomes. Listen to this article on how to develop a growth mindset. 

Avoiding Domestic Gender Bias

Avoiding Domestic Gender Bias is the first step to achieving a world free from or with less gender bias. Parents at home establish an example for the next generations. From breaking down gender stereotypes to sharing the workload to educating children about gender equity and equality. Listen in this article to some ways you can inspire your family!