Build a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset and you will thrive and be happy thanks to it. What are these two mindsets and how to build one versus another?  A mindset plays a big role in a person’s personality, thinking process, and life journey. Two different mindsets produce two different attitudes, approaches, and outcomes. One mindset sees failure as an end, and another mindset sees it as a learning opportunity. Mindsets have the power to lock or unlock opportunities and possibilities.

Fixed Mindset

A fixed mindset sees intelligence, talent, or any quality as innate. This means that a fixed mindset sees success as gifted by God or nature, and comes with birth. Hence, it considers failures as a sign of a lack of intelligence and abilities. Someone with a fixed mindset can be hardly shaken by unfavorable outcomes and their self-esteem is directly affected by them. Instead of continuously working on a better version of themselves, they stick to what they are good at. They are always busy documenting their success, abilities, and intelligence that they don’t venture to develop, learn different things, and come out of their comfort zone.

Growth Mindset

On the other hand, the growth mindset believes in effort and learning. It sees failure as an opportunity to put in more effort, build stamina, or try new ways. They believe that there are many possibilities for a person to develop and learn over time. People with a growth mindset love to learn different things and take joy in venturing out of their comfort zone and adapting to new environments. They enjoy challenges and do not worry too much about the possibility of setbacks.

Drawbacks of the Fixed Mindset

The fixed mindset is confined and boxed. The ones who have it think their abilities are natural. It is either you have it or not. Everything is fixed and cannot be uncovered and grown. For this reason, it is hard for them to take the high road, the unknown, the difficult, or the new.  They usually avoid errors, challenges, and new experiments. Having a fixed mindset makes you give up easily making you believe that you’re incapable of doing the task. Because of their issues with success, they get offended by the not-so-great feedback from others. They fear failures and do not have the agility for adaptability.

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

Why Nurture a Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is liberating. The ones who have it believe in growth through effort and practice. It is true that innate talent exists but that does not bother them too much. They focus their attention on the idea that talent, intelligence, and abilities come in large part of a learning process.  Growth mindsets engage in self-analysis and self-examination with a desire to improve. They take on challenges and do not fear new experiments. Nor do they fear failures. They take criticism and critique positively to learn and succeed. Because they believe that life is a learning process, they embrace a life full of learning. They deeply believe in adaptability; therefore, their learning is always dynamic and is never stuck.

Effective Strategies to Build a Growth Mindset

Adaptability is key to a lifelong learning process and every one of us needs that in these times. You might certainly have noticed that we are in the middle of a fast-moving digital world.  Being an adaptability enthusiast is the only way to cope and thrive. Many people are stuck in their typical attitude regarding jobs, earnings, and other things. However, it would have been much better to shift their mind to learn new things and adapt to the changes and what they want would come, jobs, earnings…etc.  Taking advantage of those changes in the digital world would give an abundance of opportunities whose side products are jobs, earnings, and more importantly peace of mind and a sense of being in control.

A McKinsey report says that 375 million workers will change their occupational roles by 2030 globally. View things with lenses of positivity. When you do that, your failures turn into opportunities. You unlock ways to achieve your goals and targets.  Be it in learning, job search, career management, parenting, or venturing into a new business, take initiative, and explore new paths. That will unlock your opportunities. Get out of your comfort zone and enrich your experiences! Life is about the journey not the destination but the destination is also enhanced!

Growth Mindset Pays off in the Long Term

Growth Mindset Pays off the most in the Long Term

Careful not to Stray Away

Seeking impractical challenges and going out of your comfort zones are two different things. Goldilocks challenges are the perfect tasks that help you come out of your comfort zone. Accept practical challenges and polish your skills. Seek feedback as an opportunity to progress. Feedback and criticism are easy ways to improve and deliver the best you can. When a person fears failures and is not ready for criticism, she has closed her growth horizons. Always ask for feedback. Feedback or criticism is a lesson to find areas of improvement, polish them, and go to the next level.  People with a fixed mindset value results. Their minds are fixated on the outcomes. People with a growth mindset value their efforts and appreciate their journey.  Value your journey as an exciting challenge, not a struggle!


The growth mindset opens up new avenues of optimism. The fixed mindset on the contrary constrains your growth and refrains you from thinking bigger and finding new ideas. More often than not, fixed mindset people give in to their frustration. Hence they miss out on a lot.  While the growth mindset people add in skills gradually and with time they amaze themselves.   So, start today and immerse yourself in this idea because beginning today with a growth mindset is better than any time in the future. Act now!

Authored by Afsheen Khan

Edited by Yara Fakhoury

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