Ever wondered why is a feminist, a feminist? Well, for multiple reasons, for sure, but can a bad relationship turn you into a feminist? The answer is unquestionable yes!

I did some research trying to find out why women become feminists and what are the motives behind that.

Of course, the main reasons are clear. However, there are some hidden or vague situations that could lead a woman to feminism and make her believe in its goals.

Expectations Vs. Reality

Expectation VS Reality

Expectations VS Reality

Single women have dreams and expectations about the partner they wish for. A partner who is loving, caring, and most of all supportive in all aspects of life, and of course if handsome and chic, would be a great plus! Nothing is more rewarding than having a partner who gives you your space, contains your down moments, supports your career, helps around in the house, taps on your shoulder when u have a bad day, and sees you as beautiful as always.

That’s perfectly legitimate and valid for every woman on the planet to share a happy life based on a solid ground of mutual love and support. However, it doesn’t always go as you want it to. When we live under the same roof things tend to run differently. We find ourselves drowning in the pool of responsibilities, financial burdens, work, stress, spending less time together, and having nothing to say.

The promises we made we had turn gradually into ashes and we end up only yelling at each other. In this very moment, the woman in the relationship feels that her bed of roses switches into a draining nightmare. When this happens, she tries to find a way to express her feelings and feminist movements give her this chance. In the old times, women speaking up for themselves was an impossible job.  Today, with social media, any woman can tell her story and cry for help and the whole world will listen.


Cheating tastes bitter for women. This hard experience makes her lose trust in people and replaces her self-confidence with an overwhelming feeling of insecurity.

That’s one very good reason for a woman to join feminist movements, which enables her to tell her story and maybe warn other fellow women not to fall for the same trap. However, this rage could be a weapon aimed at all the unjust world (from her point of view) and could easily lead to negative consequences and invite hostility. I personally don’t encourage such approaches, as it achieves nothing for any of the parties.

On the other hand, women who come out of the crowd and tell how they survived the crisis, how they moved on, what the gains & losses, etc. are significantly more useful and constructive.

Peer Pressure

I know this is not a new point to talk about but we cannot talk about feminism, women’s rights, and gender equality without mentioning peer pressure as it is a key driver in many societies on this planet.

Peer pressure comes in many forms, starting from body shape, features, style, way of talking, social class, food, education, way of thinking, career, and last but not least relationships. Peer pressure is stereotyping generations by forcing societal laws and traditions on people and directing them to certain ways of life following their ancestors, assuming it is a kind of protection. So, when you are born, you kind of get spoon-fed mashed vegetables along with some thoughts and beliefs that shape your character. Then with time, you discover / or not, how trapped you were and how much misinformation has been inserted into your poor mind. Unfortunately, we still live in a world full of peer pressure that forces women to have arranged marriages, bear ill treatment from their family or partner, carry the guilt, and receive the blame if they were exposed to any sort of physical harassment, etc.

Getting into a relationship following the peer pressure rules could turn into a big failure or even let you hang on to an unhealthy relationship thinking you are not good enough or you don’t deserve better to say the least. A desperate soul could find a way to change this through feminist movements where she can express her fears and contribute to societal change. Resisting peer pressure is not an easy job however feminist movements are doing the utmost efforts to oppose and limit such definitions and let every woman feel free to define her own self and not let anyone define her or suppress her freedom of choice.


We are not here to break wars against the world, we are here for each other to embrace fears and contain bitterness, console and wipe away tears. We are here for each other to feel stronger and assure self-love, build healthy relationships and lead happy lives. Feminism is not about denying others’ rights but about proving our own rights along with those of others.

Authored by Yasmine Deraz

Edited by Yara Fakhoury

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