Fujn Live Session 1 was held on Instagram, where our audience is very engaged. We explained the purpose of Fujn, how did we get the idea and what are we doing to help with alleviating the gender gap and enabling women through learning and earning.

I listened to an audiobook over the weekend titled ” Expert Secrets” authored by Russell Brunson. I retained one sentence from it that helped me today. I paraphrase it: “If you really want to do something new, just start today because you will suck at it anyways. You will suck the first time royally. You will suck a bit less the second time, a bit much less the third… So, you start today than next month.” So, I decided to suck today and I went live on behalf of Fujn. If you visit our website, please excuse our appearance as we are still building and it is a mess out there. The blog room and the learn room should be OK. Please DM us if you want to join our waitlist.


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