Henadi ElSaleh is a Powerful Businesswoman from the Middle East.  She is the Chairperson of Agility, which has grown from a warehouse provider in Kuwait to one of the world’s largest integrated logistics providers.  

A determined woman equals higher chances of success. Powerful and successful women are badly needed not only on the political and legislative level but also and as importantly on the economic level. 

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Henadi ElSaleh, Powerful Businesswoman, Kuwaiti Leader 

Currently, Henadi Anwar Essa Al-Saleh holds the position of Chairperson of Agility Public Warehousing and Chairperson at Agility Holdings, a subsidiary of Agility Public Warehousing. She is also on the board of Gulf Warehousing Co. In her past career, she held the position of Head of Capital Markets at Watani Investment Co. KSCC. 

Henadi ElSaleh’s Background

Ms. Al-Saleh received an undergraduate degree from Tufts University. She started her career in corporate finance and capital markets. She has over two decades of experience and previously worked at NBK Capital in Kuwait.  She now oversees Agility’s corporate governance program and leads the technology ventures team. Agility recorded revenues of $3.8 billion in the first nine months of 2020.

Henadi Al-Saleh, Chairperson Agility, Middle East Most Powerful Businesswomen List

Henadi Al-Saleh, Chairperson Agility, Middle East Most Powerful Businesswomen List

ElSaleh’s Leadership in Agility

For Henadi Al-Saleh, resilience is important for two reasons. First, it has allowed her company, under her leadership, to navigate the risks that come with exponential growth. Second, it has allowed Agility to prosper in an environment, in constant movement in both the technology, the economic, and the geopolitical environment.

Al-Saleh traces the company’s resilience down to a number of factors, with leadership and culture particularly influential.

“In order to be resilient, a company has to have the right leadership with the right mindset,” she says. “And, most of all, to build the right culture, with the people and the organizational structure to support that culture.”

Henadi Al-Saleh Forbes List of Most Influential Businesswomen

Henadi Al-Saleh, Forbes List of Most Influential Businesswomen

Critical to that culture is a set of core values that provides stability and continuity in an environment where so much is changing.

“Even if you are growing fast, you still need to be true to your core values and ensure people stick to that,” she explains. “Core values today – and at all times – matter the most. They matter the most not simply for the organization, but, at the end of the day, for your customers.”

Henadi ElSaleh’s Philanthropic Drive

Agility is highly active in philanthropy, donations, and aid initiatives under the leadership of Ms. AL-Saleh. Just recently, Agility donated more than $130,000 to “Feena Khair” to support Bahrain’s COVID-19 mitigation efforts. It also shipped 23 tons of glass vials from Italy to Brazil during the peak of the pandemic in Italy and delivered 150,000 bars of soap and hygiene products across Indonesia for UNICEF.

Forbes enlisted Ms. Henadi ElSaleh as one of the Middle East’s most powerful businesswomen. 

Authored by Yasmine Deraz

Edited by Yara Fakhoury

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