Is Valentine’s Day Only for Couples? Candle-lit dinner? romantic date? Love movie? NO! 

Who said you can’t celebrate Valentine’s day when you are single? I’m saying You definitely CAN!

Well, instead of feeling down, retrieving all the painful memories of an old toxic relationship, or analyzing the situation of “how you screwed up with your Ex last year!”, you can spend an awesome Valentine’s with your own style without having to spend the night deleting old pics or finishing a box of paper tissues wiping your tears over the past.

We have 6 cheerful things for you to celebrate your Single-Valentine!

Is Valentine’s Day Only For Couples: No, Treat Yourself!

Nothing is better than having a good massage followed by a sauna time ending it with having your nails done. You will feel fresh and as light as a feather after you choose the best massage treatment for your body, let your skin breathe in the sauna room and wash away your aches and worries into the pool then chill while having your nails done with a refreshing drink in your hand. Google “the best Spas near me, book a massage session, a mani-pedi appointment, and indulge yourself in self-love. It’s ok to be selfish! 😉

Is Valentine’s Day Only for Couples

Spa Day for a Perfect Single Valentine

Travel Solo

Is Valentine’s Day Only for Couples

Woman Traveling Solo on Single Valentine’s Day

Traveling alone does not mean you are miserable, but it means you are perfectly reconciled and can spend some quality time with yourself.  A short solo trip can give you room for contemplation and clearing the head. A one-day trip can be either to a favorite destination or a chance to explore a new place with no distraction, you can also check yoga retreats, which can leave you footloose and fancy-free. The most important thing is to relax, smile, check the weather before you take off, and dress accordingly.

Read a Fabulous Book

Curling up on your most comfortable rocking chair or a hugging couch, drinking hot cocoa, wearing the most comfortable clothes, and reading an interesting book can also be counted as a celebration! It’s all about how you enjoy the moments when you let yourself into new worlds, live with people, or even learn a new skill. A nice book can give you that. Check your home library or visit the nearest book store or even check online books, pick the nearest to your heart, and dive in. Have a good read!


Cook a Delish New Recipe

Maybe it’s time to open your “from 2014 saved recipes” on your phone and have a cozy dinner with a close friend with a nice chat and laughs from the heart. It doesn’t have to be extravagant from a “Michelin star restaurant” recipe, but it should be a guilty pleasure mixed with love and passion with a cherry on top. 

Simply hit the nearest supermarket, pick the ingredients, go back home and start creating a gourmet dish filled with love.

P.S: Don’t forget to invite your friend over! 😉

Is Valentine’s Day Only For Couples: No,  Spend A Great Movie Night with Friends 

still inviting people to your place is a good idea! Choose one movie from your watch list, could be from 2014 too!  Gather your besties and have a lovely movie night with some chips and dips or even popcorn and a selection of drinks to amuse the night. If you are in the mood for making any homemade snack that would be great too!

Is Valentine’s Day Only For Couples: No, spend A Happy Girls Night Out on #GalentinesDay

Is Valentine’s Day Only for Couples

Girls Night Out on a Single Valentine’s Day

If you are an outgoing person and opt to spend the night with people and music then do it!

An outing with your gang is always a super fun idea. Check the hot spots around you, where you can listen to good music, have a chilling drink, and feel entertained.

Dress up, wear some make-up, if you feel like you want to, style your hair wild and you are ready for it. Then, choose the mates that are barrels of laughter so you can go with bells on, dance, and enjoy to the max.

A karaoke night would also be great whether you have a good voice or not!

Love is not all about fancy dates, gifts, chocolate boxes, or even red-hearts balloons. It is about how to be happy, comfortable, and satisfied with what you have. Be your own Valentine and pursue happiness in every possible way.

Authored by  Yasmine Deraz

Fujn fuses learning with earning in a fun way. Fujn is made by women for women. Ladies, dare to reimagine your possibilities! Check us out at www.Fujn.us, Fusion spelled F. U. J. N

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