Larry Nassar’s Case Unfolded: A historic US Sexual Abuse precedent. The criminal who has left a trail of deeply traumatized victims. What amount of money can heal them? Do we every time need #Metoo and media to set justice? Larry Nassar had been sexually assaulting minors and young girls for two decades.

Larry Nassar’s Sexual Abuse Unfolds

Larry Nassar sexually assaulted and abused more than 500 women. This is an unprecedented sexual abuse case in the history of the USA. Pathetically, it went on for two decades. The golden boy of the MSU and USAG’s heinous activities got to the police and the authorities. They sentenced Nassar to up to 175 years in prison. He not only denigrated the dozens of athlete women, he’s also charged with child pornography.

Sexual Assault Needs to be Punished

Sexual abuse is not a new term that we can ignore. Yet ironically, it has become an alien subject to the people in power. They think they are in charge because somebody, somehow, is protecting them.
Unfortunately, such news comes from advanced nations, the self-proclaimed citadel of human rights. The USA portrays itself as a progressive nation and an advocator of human rights yet takes no second breath to blame other countries.

However, the statistics disagree. 81 % of women and 43% of men reported experiencing sexual harassment and assault nationwide. Many award-winning gymnasts came forward to record their testimony against Larry. Some of the names include Simone Bile, McKayla Maroney, Aly Raisman, Maggie Nichols, etc.

Larry Nassar’s Background


Larry Nassar joined the medical staff of USA Gymnastics as an athletic trainer in 1986.
The series of his horrible acts started in 1992 when he assaulted a 12-year-old girl while still a medical student at Michigan State University, stated by a lawsuit, in 2017.
The abusive and sexual assault series carried on for over two decades. The most painful part, being a woman, is that despite the multiple complaints, no action was ever taken by the police and the university authorities.
The mistrust perpetuated by the authorities not only left the victims denigrated but also left a huge question mark on the truthfulness of the system and authority.

Larry Nassar’s Sexual Abuse Came Under the Lights

In 2016, when USA gymnastics got a complaint about Nasser. They offered McKayla Maroney a settlement price of $1.25m for her silence. The FBI, and the Olympic committee fabricated, misreported, and lied about the case.
Many victims said, ‘I never spoke because I knew no one will hear me, like the other victims’.
The usual talks for the FBI became a serious crime when the news channel covered the story in 2016. Racheal Denhollander first accused him publicly, while many kept silent because they knew the predator was not alone. He was being enabled.

Speak Up

It is saddening that we don’t talk about sexual abuse even in the most progressive of states. It’s time to think about how many years you want to nurture a mentally disturbed generation. It seems to be an organized system to push back the women and victims from the system. The given data will leave you in shock.
As many as 1000 cases of sexual assaults were reported in 2015 in Canada’s Military.
The defense team Ghislaine Maxwell was accused of sexual abuse against minors for the financier Epstein.
Former Director of Barcelona youth team Albert Benaiges is accused of sexual abuse by more than 60 students.
Scout leaders are accused of sexually abusing as many as 70,000 men.
More than 330,000 minors were sexually abused by members of the Catholic Church in France.
60% of 9% of women in the UK Army reported sexual harassment, bullying, and assault.

Surprisingly, the above-given data is from advanced nations. The most surprising part is that a significant number of cases come from the government and educated officials. These are just some surfacing news reports we never know how many cases go unreported. And what amount of trauma they survive.
Despite the firms going bankrupt, the cases continue to prevail. Besides the USA gymnastics, the Boy Scouts of America with $800m to the settlement against the sexual abuse. Similarly, Weinstein Co went bankrupt with $ 17 million.


Lary Nassar victims

Larry Nassar victims

Whom To Blame?

Someone is enabling these monsters! Who is letting these sinful acts pass without punishing the perpetrators like criminals?
Harassers attack minors and women on daily basis.
International, civil, and human rights laws protect every action from facilitating this heinous act. Yet, the number of victims and harassers is increasing.
However, such an increasing number of harassers is a global crisis for society.
Ironically, it’s coming from advanced nations. When a crime becomes a crisis, some factors play a significant role in facilitating such monsters.
Larry Nassar’s case unfolded. However, had the university authorities or police heard the complaints and voices early on, they could have saved dozens.

The complaints of misconduct of Nassar got to the coach Kathie Klages in 1997, while an MSU student, Amanda Thomashow filed a Title IX complaint against Nassar in 2014.
But nobody lent an ear to probe and investigate. And like other cases, the FBI misreported and fabricated the told claims. The question arises, is the system enabling these nasty elites to set their filthy desires on innocent people with high ambitions?

Always Report the Criminal

Silencing women’s voices is not any better than the harassment itself. The recent case of tennis player star Peng Shuai disappeared after accusing Zhang Gaoli of sexual assault. The entire news section and its discussion disappeared from the internet.
What is the aftermath? You produced more cases. Ali baba fired their employee when she accused her co-worker of sexual assault. Silencing and controlling the news and women’s voices is not a solution. Instead, look and work for a concrete solution.
In one way or another, someone is always enabling these monsters and criminals. The indifferent attitude of the system enables the perpetrators to go unpunished.

Hope for the Future

Can we ever be an assault-free society?
Such nasty acts didn’t happen just once. Sexual assault, abuse, and harassment cases are the headlines of the news daily. Ironically, we failed to protect our individuals from these monsters and never moved to set an exemplary society that protects victims from such acts. But it’s not too late! We can always prevent further damage.
It’s high time to think about why a survivor needs to portray things under the glory of the camera. Why do women need the #Metoo movement to highlight the heinous acts against them? Can we expect a decent and truthful system to entrust our trust with?
We must take collective action to get solutions against the perpetrators. Many big and high-profile names who are guilty of sexual abuse, assault, and misconduct should be a lesson to other criminals. Such as Blake Farenthold, Al Franken( former Minnesota Senator), Charlie Rose, and many more. Setting just one case as an example will make sure these monsters never try to misconduct.
Every person who facilitates encourages, ignores, and misuses their power shall be behind bars.
Teach the children about every possible way of sexual abuse, and teach them it’s not ok to be quiet. Teach your boys the essence of ‘consent’!

Authored by Afsheen Khan

Edited by Yara Fakhoury

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