New and Upcoming Twitter Features

While Twitter has remained relatively unchanged for most of its existence, the social media network has introduced a slew of new features and changes in the previous year. 

Some of the new features, such as Twitter Spaces and Twitter for Professionals, have been well received, while others, primarily Fleets, have been immediately turned back. 

Twitter Spaces 

Space, a free audio chat room, is a feature that is gaining a lot of popularity on Twitter. No doubt, the audio rooms are gaining traction all over the internet as well. The clubhouse is doing well for itself. LinkedIn introduced its version of audio rooms, and Meta is considering implementing them across its social media channels; the concept is quite successful. Spaces are a powerful tool for users to earn engagement and improve their profiles. Most of the content creators and influencers on the platform care about how their rooms are doing. Spaces are a big way for them to engage with fans and promote their brand. Any host with full access to their Space can now view pertinent audio streaming stats using this new functionality. They can now view the number of people who joined the room and the number of replays the Livestream received. 

Here’s a glance at what Twitter has in store: 

Twitter New Features

Many of Twitter’s new features are released in stages as the developers iterate and improve the basic forms. As a result, new features will be available to different audiences at different periods, frequently separated by region or device. Here are some of the features seeing an ongoing rollout. 

Twitter’s Communities 

In September 2021, Twitter began testing Communities to link people interested in the same topics. You can tweet directly after joining a certain Community, to that group in specific, instead of tweeting to all of your followers. Only members of the same Community can comment on and join a chat, and admins moderate the communities regularly. 

This functionality is accessible worldwide for iOS, andriod and the Web. 

Twitter Blue 

Before the launch of Twitter Blue, there have been rumors of a premium version of the service. 

Twitter Blue is a monthly membership service that introduces bookmarks, custom app icons, new themes, and an “undo” button to Twitter users. There’s also a possibility that TweetDeck, a dashboard application for managing twitter accounts, will become a component of Twitter Blue in the future. 

It is now available only in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

Twitter Blue users are among the first to have access to Twitter’s NFT offers, allowing them to proudly show their non-fungible tokens in a hexagonal profile image (depending on your perspective). 

Downvotes on Twitter 

Twitter has begun rolling out downvotes for some users, perhaps the most contentious of the new features (except NFTs). Unlike likes or retweets, Reddit’s downvotes are not visible on Twitter. Downvotes, according to Twitter, will assist in determining whether the information is relevant. Twitter encourages users to downvote stuff that “isn’t adding to the discourse.” 

After its initial launch in June 2021 to a limited group of users, the new feature is now available to the worldwide audience. 

Twitter Features in Trial Stages

Aside from these already-announced capabilities, there are details of new, yet-to-be-announced prospective Twitter features that might help regular social media users and journalists. 

Twitter Flock 

The Twitter Flock function may be the answer for lucky Twitter users with excessive followers or those who want to share content with a small group of close pals. 

Twitter Flock, which developer Alessandro Paluzzi discovered, will allow you to communicate content anonymously with a group of up to 150 people. Also, the people are not notified when you remove them from the group.

Twitter Article 

Over the years, Twitter has moved from 140 to 280-character tweets as well as integrating Revue newsletters. 

According to Jane Manchun Wong, an app researcher best known for uncovering new features, Twitter is experimenting with longer-form content for its platform in the form of Twitter Articles

We don’t know much about what this function – if it ever launches – would look like. However, Facebook abruptly withdrew its writing option, Notes, in 2020 as a cautionary example.

Set a Status 

Twitter has been seen to develop a feature, codenamed ‘Vibes’ that would allow users to establish a status for their profiles and tweets. Users may be able to specify a status for an individual tweet as well as a profile-level status. It’s currently unclear whether the users would only be able to select pre-set statuses or if the option of creating custom ones would be available.

Wong isn’t the only reverse engineer to check these features. According to another reverse engineer, Alessandro Paluzzi, the “Vibes” status update function is identical to Facebook’s “Feelings” and “Activities” status option, which allow users to let others know what’s going in their mind through pre-set updates like “Listening to music” or “Reading a book”.

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