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Launched in April 2020, Clubhouse is an app that helps you make meaningful connections. With its unique real-time chat room technology, Clubhouse has already surpassed the weekly active user count of 10 million. While the app was earlier limited to IOS users, it was officially launched for all android devices in May 2021.

Many of us don’t know how clubhouse functions. Since it’s an invite-based app, not everyone can access it. Yet, it is growing by leaps and bounds. While this app is a great tool for information and education, it can also help you develop your business and build connections.

But how? 

Clubhouse is a relatively new app. You may not know how to promote yourself on it or how to access it for business purposes. Let us cover the details in this article. 

How to Promote Yourself on Clubhouse?

The clubhouse is known for creating clubs, podcasts, and chat rooms. On the app, each club can be created with a purpose in mind, like a fan club for a certain sports team or a book club centered around a certain series. To join a club, users must be invited by the club’s creator. Usually, someone in charge of an existing house will invite new members to it.

When you log into the Clubhouse, you can see a list of rooms and clubs around you. With this list, you can either choose to join a discussion that interests you or create your own room, inviting others to join you in conversation. You can also see what rooms and clubs belong to which houses.

Attractive Features of Clubhouse

The clubhouse is an audio based social platform. It’s not only interactive but also informative since the guests and the hosts share similar interests. Moreover, it enables two-way discussion that happens live, keeping in view the interests and inquiries of the guests.

It’s like a podcast, but with no downloads or even scheduled playtimes: you simply tune in and listen whenever you want, as long as someone else is broadcasting live.

You use it exactly like a radio station. For example, you create playlists and then invite your friends to join you in listening to them. But it’s also much more than that.

The clubhouse is a vibrant and engaging place to discover new things, talk to other people with similar interests, and have fun. There’s a light-heartedness to it that is at the same time playful and intelligent. Social interaction is what makes it amazing. It’s more of a club than a radio station.

Tips to Promote Yourself on Clubhouse

Write an Attractive Bio

Your bio is an introduction, a way to let Clubhouse know who you are. It’s your chance to stand out and explain your role in the particular club you’re joining. It’s a chance to voice your opinion (whether it’s professional or more on the creative side) and let Clubhouse members know what they can expect when they click on your profile.

This is the part where you have to convince them to click on your profile picture. If you don’t, they’ll just keep on scrolling. First impression is the key. This is one place where you can emphasize part of your story, like the fact that you’re a new member or that you work for a particular company. Your bio should be short (three lines maximum) and sweet. It doesn’t need to tell your whole life story, just enough to pique people’s interest in reading more.

The first rule of writing a good bio is to make it engaging. The second rule is: don’t be long-winded. For example, if you are interested in engaging a into business with other members, say something along the lines of “Looking to connect with other entrepreneurs.” Or if you’re looking for content inspiration, write something like “Looking to share my knowledge with amazing brands.” In special cases, you could write a long bio but make sure to add eye-catching details in the first three lines.

Join Relevant Rooms and Get in Touch with Experts who can Help you Grow More

As a member of Clubhouse, you have access to a digital community of like-minded professionals that can help you grow your business. In these rooms, you can share your knowledge, discover new elements and receive  feedback. Whether you’re looking for a pre-launch feedback on a product or service, there is always a room for brainstorming new ideas, or asking questions.

Clubhouse rooms are organized by either a topic or a subject area. You can search for rooms with specific topics and join rooms with relevant experts and influencers for promotion.

If you’re looking for a Facebook advertising expert or simply want to connect with other advertisers, you can join the room called “Facebook Advertising.” If you’re a marketer or business owner then you should join relevant rooms. Search features of Clubhouse are easy to navigate. You’ll find everything at your fingertips.

Create More Rooms 

The more rooms you have, the more you become popular at Clubhouse. The app is all about creating engaging content and speaking to your audience.

Clubhouse room

Clubhouse room


Follow this strategy for promotion:

  • Create more rooms in the Clubhouse for better engagement and promotions. You will automatically become a moderator after creating a room
  • Appoint other moderators to a room or multiple rooms.
  • Speak privately with other moderators in the same or other rooms (beta).
  • Mention people in the comment section.
  • Email notifications of mentions and private messages (beta).
  • Instantly join a room after being invited (beta).
  • Use a streamlined sign-up process which asks fewer questions when creating accounts.

Follow the ‘Big Room’ Concept

If you’re an expert in your field, then peel off a piece of your expertise and offer it up in a Big Room. Join the room with great number of followers and share your feedback, expertise, or knowledge with people in that group. You’ll see your followers’ count going up in no time.

The clubhouse is all about discovery, knowledge, and making connections.

Follow Effective Marketing Strategies

If you want to promote your brand, resorting to a creative digital marketing strategy is a great option. It can be an effective way of getting attention and creating excitement. Launch a marketing campaign or news release to promote your business or work.

You could let your readers know about the launch of your new app or product. This way you will get more movements on news releases and campaigns, which could be a basis for interest.

You could even share the news for free to get it on the Clubhouse front page. The news will surely reach thousands of people including the public who are looking for someone to help them.

You may also be able to get favorable responses from potential clients who are looking for your services online. We’ve seen a lot of people posting that they are looking for something on the Clubhouse app. So that would be an additional way of getting in touch with clients. If you have any strategy ideas, use them.

Remember that it’s important to get started with the right strategy, and then follow it through to the end to succeed.

Authored by Aashna Chawla

Edited by Yara Fakhoury

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