RJ Shradha Anchor & Influencer talks to us about her successful journey to inspire other women aspiring to the same career or other paths but all have itching ambitions that they want to achieve. 

Struggling with their ambition has always been a taboo topic that women cannot voice. In general, people don’t support dreams until they turn into reality. And this is even more complex when it comes to women. Society believes that tough jobs are only for men. Women are soft, they should not trouble themselves too much. What would they gain out of it, anyway?  Better to do something simple and save themselves the hassle. However, this is not good enough for some women. The itch to fight for their dreams cannot just be turned off so they persevere and prevail. 

RJ Shradha Vyas had a similar experience when she decided to become an actor. People told her that the route to glamour is tough but she didn’t give up. She faced rejections countless times, the thought of giving up also occurred to her but she didn’t retain it. Today, she is living the life she has always imagined in her dreams. Let us hear her story. 

RJ Shradha Vyas ‘ Childhood

Since childhood, I’ve had different experiences in my life. I was born and brought up in Mumbai. I lived there with my family until we decided to move to Bahrain. I was ten years old when my parents made this decision. As a child, switching from one country to another was a different experience in so many ways. 

When I turned 15 years old, my mother and her sister advised me to participate in a beauty pageant. They thought I could do it very well. I was talented enough to stand the competition. Hence, I participated. When I was on stage, walking around, I could sense something changing inside me. I fell in love with the attention of the crowd. 

After finishing my 12th board, I relocated to Mumbai and made up my mind to become an actor. So, I went out to look for acting jobs. I was confident enough to excel in the profession but the path, contrary to what I thought, was rocky. 

RJ Shradha Vyas ‘ Acting Career

While searching for acting projects, I got to see the other side of the industry. There were uncountable youngsters of my age. All of them were looking for work. They had the same capabilities, same passion, and perseverance. Despite seeing this part I didn’t give up. 

At times, I gave five to six auditions a day and still went home with rejections. I was facing both the brutal reality of the industry and back-to-back failures. I was tired of toiling and I wanted to give up but my mother and aunt kept pushing me further. These two women were the only source of motivation I had in that phase of my life. 

Circumstances changed when I stumbled across an opportunity for hosting events. I was in two minds so I spoke to my mother and aunt. Both suggested that I must go for it. So I applied for the job. 

My radio job involved the simple work of recording a voice-over. It was a new thing for me. Something I couldn’t digest for a while. I had aimed to have a great career in the entertainment industry and here I was recording my voice for a show. 

A few people in my family protested against my decision. Nonetheless, I went ahead with the work as it was the beginning of something new for me. They selected my recording and that’s how I became RJ Shraddha Vyas. 

Rj Shradha

Rj Shradha


Family Support

They say ‘No work is little for you to do. Always respect your job. Give your hundred percent and you will grow in life.’ I followed this advice and slowly and steadily made my way into the industry. After a while, I got offers for hosting events and shows. Then I interned with Fever FM. 

Radio was pulling me out of my introverted nature. Before radio, I was a shy girl who didn’t know how to express her emotions in front of anyone. Then the radio work helped me to bring the charm out. 

For better performance, I worked on my speech, choice of words, and vocal skills. A few times, I was trolled and bullied but I didn’t let it touch my self-esteem and confidence. I paid no heed to negative comments and learned from criticism. 

Things changed for me when I started creating content on social media. I began with Tiktok but it was banned a week later. When the pandemic hit, I thought to do something creative because nothing was functioning properly not even the radio. So I started creating content on Instagram. Initially, it didn’t pick up the pace but with time it grew into many folds. 

Rj Shradha

RJ Shradha Vyas Anchor and Influencer

At present, I have 75,000+ followers. I have partnered with renowned brands, hosted and judged events. This is how things went for me. I aimed to be an actor but I have become an anchor, RJ, judge, and influencer. Sometimes I can’t believe I have achieved it all. 

My journey to become, RJ Shradha, the radio anchor and influencer, has taught me to be strong in times of need. People expect women to take an easy route that doesn’t have many struggles but that shouldn’t be the case. If you love  to do something go for it. There will be challenges in your way but sooner or later you will make it. So believe in yourself and work hard for your goal. 

Authored by Aashna Chawla

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