Shambhavi Malviya, Animal Activist will talk to us today about her a serious issue in society and her passion. Animal abuse is a serious crime. Every year, cruel humans abuse thousands of innocent animals, abandon them, or even kill them. In fact, the number of animal abuse cases in the last few years has drastically increased in comparison with previous ones.

Abuse Against Animals and Humans

The report, published in Applied Animal Behavior Science, highlights the disturbing fact that one in four people admit to abusing animals at least once during their lifetime. In addition, two-thirds of those who admitted to cruelty against animals went on to commit violent acts against humans. 

The sad truth is that there aren’t enough good homes for all these animals. But you can do your part to help reduce the number of homeless pets in your area. To highlight the issue and to know more about it, we contacted Shambhavi Malviya who is an animal activist. She takes strict measures to protect stray animals. 

Shambhavi Malviya, an Activist Against Animal Abuse

I’m Shambhavi Malviya. At present, I’m pursuing MBBS as well as working as an Animal liberation activist. I’ve also joined Jabalpur Animal Save Organization as a member to protect animals from slaughter. 

I had never felt close to animals until my sister brought home a puppy, Abby. When Abby arrived, I don’t know what changed inside me as I could sense an unknown bond forming between us. My love for him increased when he fell sick and started vomiting continuously. Later, he suffered from bloody diarrhea and became lethargic. My sister took Abby to the vet for treatment and he revealed that Abby was suffering from Parvo. 

Parvo is a virus that assaults the intestinal tract. Canine parvovirus is a highly contagious viral illness that spreads rapidly throughout the dog population. The virus that causes Parvo lives in the intestinal tract of infected animals and is shed through feces. The disease is not life-threatening for most dogs but it can be very serious in puppies and older dogs.

Shambhavi Malviya Animal Activist

Shambhavi Malviya Relationship with Animals Started with Abby, the Puppy.

Abby’s Condition

The doctor seemed worried after seeing his condition and told us that it was difficult for him to survive. It tore my heart to see the baby dog enduring so much pain. He was undergoing a lot and his suffering made me realize that animals, like humans, have feelings too.

This particular moment changed how I look at stray animals. I started to feel for all of them, and after a month Abby started healing. From that time, I began to take care of other pets and cattle too. 

Shambhavi Malviya Animal Activist

Shambhavi Malviya Expanded her Care for Animals to Cattle

The Start of Helping Animals

Every day, whenever I’d get some free time, I’d walk around and feed stray animals. Sometimes, I’d play with them and treat their injuries. They loved my presence as they’d hover around me. It is just a myth that animals don’t feel, they love, ache, and show respect to everyone. 

Once I went to a slaughterhouse where animals are butchered mostly to provide food for people. Believe me, when I say the place was no less than hell on earth. Their cries disturbed me to the core when I saw it happening right in front of my eyes.

The dairy industry also tortures kettles for the production of milk and dairy products. They impregnate cows forcefully to escalate the quantity of milk because cows also start generating milk right after giving birth. So to increase milk production, people artificially inseminate cows once a year. 

You would be surprised to know that India has the second biggest pet animal and cattle population in the world, after Brazil. There was 285 million head of cattle, including 170 million milk cows and buffaloes. India ranks fourth, behind Brazil, the U.S., and China respectively in terms of total beef production. In 2001–2002, India produced 5.3 million tons of beef and veal. A number that will increase by 6 percent over the following decade. After knowing these facts, I turned to veganism and I’ve promised myself that I will not consume any animal product.

Animal Abuse is Widespread

I strongly oppose the cruelty performed against animals. We must treat them well, with love and care. However, some people don’t see them as living beings but as a burden on society. That’s why they trouble them for no specific reason. 

A team member had seen puppies in a sewage tank. We brought them out though some of them had lost their lives due to lack of oxygen. This incident angered us so much. We went to the police to lodge an FIR. Police came with us on the spot but didn’t take any action to punish the culprits. A fight took place on the spot but police officers watched it silently. Instead of supporting us, they said ‘They are just stray animals why are you bothering yourself so much? We have more important things to do.’ 

After a while, we approached them again through some political connection and this time they threatened the people and asked them not to repeat it. That’s how the case was closed. It’s very sad to see no laws being applied in order to protect the lives of innocent animals in our society.

 Shambhavi Malviya Animal Activist

Shambhavi Malviya, Animal Activist

How to Help Against Animal Abuse

People complain when they see me feeding stray dogs because they spread the food and litter. However, I tell them to adopt these dogs and sterilize them. 

Sterilization is the surgical removal of an animal’s reproductive organs, either all or just the associated organs. In dogs, this is usually done by neutering (known in animals as castration); other methods are also used. Most commonly, dogs are neutered before 5 months old.

Dog sterilization can be performed on both male and female dogs, although it is more common for females to have their reproductive organs removed. The procedure does not have any adverse effects on the dog’s health. 

The first benefit of sterilization is that it prevents the spread of diseases.  This can be prevented by sterilizing them so that they do not mate with other dogs and spread STI’s or get pregnant and have more stray babies. The second reason is to protect the dog from unnecessary suffering in old age. It is a significant decision, one that will ultimately help your dog live a happier and healthier life.

Please keep in mind that animals have a life of their own. They have valid feelings and are not born to serve humans. We cannot sustain without animals in the same way they cannot live without our support. They need us as much as we need them. So please, if you are not able to help them, at least be kind to them.

Authored by Aashna Chawla

Edited by Yara Fakhoury

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