Time management for working mommies and curated tips to help you. We know that most working moms struggle with time because we are one. Mommies often lose their cools and become agitated, because an inner something is nagging them about managing better their time. Ineffective planning leaves you feeling frustrated and unsatisfied. At Fujn, we hope that this article will help mothers working from home change those negative emotions.

Effective planning benefits you always and especially at challenging tasks and times. It enables you to relax your mind, welcomes more opportunities, and spend more hours of a day enjoying your life. Perhaps, following these time management strategies will help overwhelmed moms to recoup their sanity. These tips are curated for working moms who work from home and working moms with babies. But before, let us tell you our timeless advice.

“ Time is the most precious and scarcest asset that you own. Be deeply aware of this truth and internalize it. When you are, then your acts will follow your mind not to waste something this precious!” Timeless advice from Fujn

Our Founder is a big fan of Elon Musk and Musk says: “ Time is the ultimate currency”. Women need to absorb this statement and incarnate it in their lives

This is key for your time management and for your children’s routine and growth. Inculcate in your children the habit of self-cleaning, working, and doing their tasks on their own. Instill a sense of responsibility in them. But before that, lead by example and set a discipline in your routine first.

Pro Tip: Make a habit of an early bedtime. Don’t let them sleep during the day. Make them sleep by 7:30–8:30 PM depending on the age. You’ll have ample hours of work after they go to bed to complete pending tasks or relax.

Time management for working mommies and special tips to help you. Sharing and dividing responsibilities saves your sanity. Share the burden of home chores, children, and others with your spouse and other more grown-up family members. This saves you hours and energy. You may also hire house help if your budget allows. Think of hiring help as a cost-benefit analysis. If this help will allow you time to earn more than what is paid to the helper, or even have better mental and physical health, then it is worth the cost.

Watch your day, activities, and the times you say yes to doing tasks and analyze what burns you and burns your day. When you say ‘yes’ to every request, it certainly halts your productivity and progress. Initially, you will feel strange saying NO but you will build this new defense mechanism with time. Make sure to explain to the requester your reasons behind the “NO” and they will be OK with it if they care about your time, health and sanity. Saying “NO”, when applied with good judgment, is a skill that also enforces boundary-setting behaviors for your kids.

The SMART formula for time management and productivity means:

1-Specific: Be specific about what you want to get done, each day. 2- Measurable: Set measures for your goals, divide them, and quantify milestones to reach on the path to the finish line, and stay realistic. 3-Achievable: Do not set wish goals, list tasks that you can complete by the day and watch them build up over time 4-Relevant: Make the goals, the tasks, and the efforts related to what matters to you. 5-Time-bound: Set timelines and cutoff deadlines for milestones, and allocate strict time slots and for each task.

The SMART formula proved effective in business, science, and technology fields and it will be effective also for your own life.

Planners for scheduling all personal and work-related tasks are essential for Time management for working mommies. It is a must to design a plan and document it in a planner. You can divide your tasks monthly, weekly, and daily in to-do lists where you balance family and professional life in one dashboard. This strategy also helps you not to experience that “ Oh my Gosh feeling! when you miss a doctor’s appointment for a child or a call with a potential client, or similar important tasks that are time-sensitive, or even worse, reputation and image spoilers.

It is true that a schedule for an organized working mom set to perfection is imaginary, a pragmatic schedule is the next best and possible thing. The problem of being a mom is that we want to be ‘perfect.’ Often, moms remain tiresome and anxious because they run after an unattainable goal that is ‘perfection.’ But, it is much smarter to be pragmatic about your goals and vision and go after them in a practical way.

Being perfect is a myth, leading your life the most practically possible and be proud of it is the real perfection.” Fujn Advice

Sometimes, you need to forget about your house being organized all the time. When you are tired and got many other things done, leave it, it’s OK! You can do it later. That is the perfect attitude at that specific moment.

Avoid the people who are toxic and throw negative energy towards you. It will save you so much, time, emotions, and energy depletion. Yes, those people who are never happy and nitpicking people. They make you lose your best hours in an instant.


Time management for working mommies is a golden skill that can unlock an ocean of opportunities. But remember that you are not a robot. Taking care of your health, sleep, and wellness are equally essential to sustain your life as a whole. Apply these time management techniques and let us know how did it go. Fujn is a platform to help women become happy superwomen. We love to hear how our tips helped!!


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Authored by Afsheen Khan for Fujn

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