TikTok, owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, was first launched in China in September 2016 and then expanded internationally a year later. Ever since it was established, TikTok has created the short-video trend among the youth. Today, more than 500 million teenagers are excited about watching 15-second videos on TikTok.
This is the go-to platform to use whether you want to have fun or earn popularity. We’ll show you tips for excellent TikTok videos that will allow you to build an audience of followers.

How to Use TikTok and the Tips for Excellent TikTok Videos

How to Use TikTok and the Tips for Excellent TikTok Videos

How to Use TikTok and the Tips for Excellent TikTok Videos

  1. Create an account. 
  2. Enjoy the videos. 
  3. Interact. 
  4. Explore other features. 
  5. Start making videos. 

Create an Account/Sign up

TikTok is a smartphone application downloaded from Android and iOS app stores. You can immediately browse other people’s videos after downloading and installing. However, you need to sign up to be able to use additional TikTok features. 

To sign up for a TikTok account, you can use your phone number, email address, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account. TikTok will automatically generate a username after you sign up. Using the Edit Profile option on the home page, you can alter your default username and profile.

Enjoy the videos

Following and For You are the two sections of the video viewing page. TikTok will propose videos that you might enjoy based on an algorithm in this feed.


To the right, five icons allow you to have various interactions.

You can reach the video producer’s main page by scrolling to the left or clicking the profile symbol, and then following or just watching other videos they have posted. Tap the heart-shaped icon to like the video if you enjoy it. By tapping the chat bubble next to the TikTok video you’re watching, you can leave a comment. You can also share the video by tapping the share icon.

The last icon is a stretching record with music notes emanating, if you click on it, you’ll get more information on the music used in the video. 

If you don’t care for a particular video, long-press on it to expose a Not Interested button.

Explore other Features 

On the bottom of the screen, you can find five icons. When you click the first home icon, a new page with new recommended videos will appear. You can search for videos or users by tapping the search icon. You can also make videos or upload videos from your Gallery using the “+” symbol. By tapping the message icon, you can access your notifications.

The last symbol takes you to your home page. You may edit your profile, alter your nickname, and watch your videos from there. 

TikTok values privacy. By selecting the three horizontal dots, you can make your account private to limit who can download your videos or comment on them.

Start Making Videos 

TikTok is a platform for video sharing and creation. You can use duets and templates to make your videos

Tips for Excellent TikTok Videos

TikTok is not a fleeting craze in social networking. The app has received over 1.65 billion downloads and currently has 689 million active users. 

Once you’ve mastered these TikTok skills, you’ll be able to produce the content of your dreams. 

  1. Creating a TikTok Slideshow 

Pictures may not be always sufficient. By making a short slideshow on TikTok, you’ll be able to tell the whole tale. 

  1. To make a new video, click the “+” icon on the main screen. 
  2. In the lower right corner, select Upload
  3. You may include as many photographs or videos as you want. 
  4. Add sound clips, text, stickers, or effects to change the transitions and their timing.
  5. To go to the next screen, click Next.
  6. The voice effects on TikTok

     2. TikTok Voice Effects

  1. To make a new video, click the add icon in the main feed. 
  2. To create your video, use the record button. 
  3. Click the checkmark on the record screen to edit. 
  4. Tap Voice Effects on the right-hand side to select the effect you want to use on your original audio. 

      3. TikTok Green Screen

The green screen is a vital feature on TikTok. With this tool, you won’t need an expensive film studio to modify your backdrop. 

  1. In the main feed, click the “+” icon to create a new video. 
  2. Tap Effects on the bottom left to open the effects menu. 
  3. You have two options with the green screen: 
  • To use a photo as your background, select the green symbol with the photo and the downward arrow.
  • To use the video as your background, select the green symbol with a video and the upward arrow. 

You can use the green screen effect to “clone” yourself for a fun video concept! 

  1. Fun TikTok Transitions

You may use TikTok’s built-in transitions to visually connect one clip or scene to the next in the editing stage. 

The trick is to record a clip that starts where the previous one ended. 

  1. Record the initial section of the video, finishing with that “transition moment” – for example, covering the camera with your palm. 
  2. Remember where you left off with your last video because this is where you’ll want to begin your next one. 
  3. Make any changes you want. Perhaps a new location or wardrobe?
  4. Start the new footage from where you left off – with your hand covering the lens. 
  5. If necessary, you can edit or cut your clips to make them match in a better way. 

      5. Closed Captions

Captions aren’t just helpful in capturing your audience; they also make your material accessible to people with hearing problems. 

  1. Tap Next button at the bottom of the editing screen. 
  2. Customize the font, alignment, color, and style, then drag it to the desired location on the screen.
  3. When you tap the text, an option to Set Duration will appear. 
  4. Choose when and for how long the text should show by tapping it. 
  5. You can make the text appear and disappear to the beat.

      6. TikTok Duet Option

You can make lovely videos and music with others. 

  1. Tap the Share button on the right to choose the person you want. 
  2. Tap Duet
  3. It will send you to the screen where you can edit your work. 
  4. To proceed to the post screen, select the checkmark and Next

Reacting to a Tiktok video is simply a duet variation. The main difference is the layout.

      7. TikTok Music

You might have heard music in a certain video that you like and want to use it in your own.: 

  1. Tap on the round symbol in the bottom corner of the video with the music clip you like. 
  2. It will take you to a screen with further sound information.
  3. At the bottom of the page, there is a sound button, click it. 
  4. It will send you to the recording page, where you can add a video to the chosen sound clip. 
  5. You can even use several video clips with a single audio clip.

You can use the magic of editing to create a multi-scene video with just one audio clip! It takes some time and effort to get used to this but you’ll be able to master it eventually. 

  1. To make a new video, click the “+” icon in the main feed. 
  2. Choose the sound you want to use. 
  3. To get a visual depiction of the audio, tap the timer symbol on the right side. 

To designate where the song should end recording for your first clip, drag the time markers on the audio’s timeline. 

When the countdown finishes, press Start Recording to choose the clip you just made. 

Finally, press the timer icon once again. You’ll notice that the recording begins where the last clip ended. Set the end of the next song, hit Start Countdown, and start recording your following clip. 


When you’re satisfied with your video, tick the box to see it all at once and make any necessary adjustments.

I hope the Tips for Excellent TikTok Videos were helpful for you to start your journey!


Authored by Afifa Maryam Siddiqui

Edited by Yara Fakhoury

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