A strong and successful marriage is rooted in making your spouse happy. Even though you might believe that significant others have unique requirements, all people desire connection, honesty, support, and recognition. Everyone prefers to be loved differently, but there are some universal ways you may adopt regularly to make your spouse happy. Below, are some tips to make your spouse happy and maintain a healthy and loving marriage:

Wife & Husband

Wife & Husband

Make communication a priority.

Carla Marie Manly, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist, advises couples to talk frequently to keep their partner happy: Simply by being heard, many spouses experience incredible joy.

That does not imply that you must always agree with your wife, but it does mean that if you genuinely listen to what she has to say, she will feel much more “heard” and connected to you. Why do you do this? “When she speaks, pay attention to her. Put the phone down. Don’t bring work home. Just pay close attention while you listen,” suggests Manly.

Please pay close attention to the small things your partner enjoys.

Manly asserts that when a person notices even the most minor details in their partner, it usually makes them feel highly joyful. She said that when their husbands take care of their little personal preferences, “most wives thrive and feel profoundly loved.” For instance, prepare her morning cup of coffee just as you know she prefers. Bring her a piece of delicious cake “just because” you went by her go-to bakery while running errands. If she likes it when you lower the toilet seat after you use it, do so. When you text or phone her during the workday, tell her that you love her and send her good vibes to stay connected.

Make frequent physical contact. It is impossible to overstate the value of touch. Manly claims that many people feel especially loved when their spouses lavish them with affectionate touch. Research found that physical intimacy in relationships is essential for reducing stress. The findings support an earlier study that shows conscious physical contact, which lowers cortisol levels in the body and is associated with happy marriages.

Manly advises, “Be sure to hold her, massage her hair, and cuddle with her if your wife likes.”

By working together, create a division of labor that works for each of you.

Our society frequently expects women to perform most of the housekeeping, child care, social coordinating, and emotional labor in heterosexual relationships. According to Emmy Crouter, LSW, a psychotherapist and clinical social worker in Denver, “Such expectations are founded on gender stereotypes and expectations, resulting in less creative, free time for women, and simply, straight-up animosity.” According to a 2017 study, women who did more housework were less likely to be content in their relationships, and the likelihood that the union would end was higher. These findings acknowledged the gendered influence of family work inequalities on unstable relationships.

Take a look at how the work is divided up in your home and be sincere with yourself about where you could pick up some slack, advises Crouter, if you want to make your wife happier. Even better, she advises you to sit down with your wife and divide the work you feel is fair to you both.

Show interest in her ideas and emotions.

According to Crouter, “part of marriage is just listening with interest every day.” “Ask her about her day, pay attention, and then follow up with more inquiries. In any relationship, it’s critical that all parties feel heard and understood.”

Ask about it, even if it doesn’t interest you, when you know your wife is having trouble with something. It shows your concern for her inner life. Ask questions when you feel that she is upset; don’t let her brood alone unless she directly requests it.

Better yourself in the struggle.

Any healthy relationship will have disagreements and conflict, but how you handle those problems counts. Gain the ability to show kindness and compassion even when you’re at odds: “When engaging in conflict, express your side, listen to her side, and then tackle the issue jointly in a solution-focused manner,” Crouter recommends. Be cooperative in identifying a solution for the issue rather than placing the blame. Crouter offers the following examples of essential phrases to use:

How can this be resolved?

How can we adjust this situation, please?

I want to find a solution to make us both feel less stressed.

You are not in conflict with her. You two are up against the issue.

Avoid conflict over text.

If you and your wife disagree, discuss it face-to-face rather than by text. According to a Brigham Young University study, couples who fight over texts are less happy with their marriages. That covers conflicts, regrets, and general conflict-related decision-making. Even if it might seem obvious, having crucial discussions in person has a significant impact.

Support equality and rights of women.

According to a study in Sex Roles, feminist straight couples are happier together, especially the women who have feminist boyfriends or spouses. If this isn’t your strong point, spend some time reading news websites targeted toward women, listening to podcasts about gender inequity, or reading a book about feminist philosophy.

What does your wife desire in bed?

In the bedroom, there is no place for assumptions. But frequently, especially in long-term relationships, when it comes to having sex, it’s wise to check in with your wife and ask her what she wants in bed. Most pop culture images of sex usually focus on what men find sexy and what turns them on. Please discuss with your wife what she would like to experience more in bed, and pay close attention to what she says. And while you’re talking about it, be careful to establish an environment of comfort, support, and interest rather than pressure, tension, or resentment.

Spend your money in similar ways.

It makes sense that opposites attract. Not when it comes to spending though. One University of Michigan study found that while many people gravitate to their “money opposite,” this isn’t necessarily a good thing for the relationship. The researchers concluded that the happiest couples typically have similar spending patterns. Do you want to please your wife? Please don’t indulge in excessive purchasing while she’s devoted to leading a frugal lifestyle; the opposite is true. It all goes down to communication once again.

Celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

Making your wife feel valued and supported is essential to making her happy. Science also supports this: According to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, relationships that celebrate their partner’s accomplishments as though they were their own are happier and more fulfilled. Therefore, please don’t be reluctant to celebrate your wife the next time she completes a goal she’s been working on. Do it in a way that will make her feel most appreciated.

Happy couple

Happy couple

Ensure your health!

You must take care of yourself if you want to be able to consider the needs and happiness of others. “An empty cup cannot be used to pour. It’s time to put more robust self-care practices into place if you’re exhausted, overburdened, and neglecting the fundamental things you should do to look after yourself, “Crouter says.

Encourage your partner to follow the same path as well. Marriages frequently run more smoothly and happily when both partners are more rested and refueled.

Conclusion on Tips to Make your Spouse Happy

There are numerous ways to please your partner, none of which require perfection. The only way to have a happy, successful marriage is to continually strive to be the best spouse possible.

Authored by Afifa Maryam Siddiqui

Edited by Yara Fakhoury

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