Social media changed the narrative and thoughts of humans in different societies. Undoubtedly, Facebook, now Meta inc., has successfully been connecting people through interaction in digital space.
It is the first largest social media network that achieved mainstream success with 2.7 billion users. Facebook today provides immense opportunities for business exposure, sharing knowledge, and learning exposures. We gathered a list of the Top 5 Facebook Accounts about Crypto that are trustworthy, provide authentic awareness, signals and information.

In terms of learning about new developments and innovations, Facebook has also provided great opportunities for the masses to learn about cryptocurrencies in the crypto sphere.

“Around 620 million open groups on Facebook educate and share knowledge on different topics”.

If you are a Facebook user and looking for trusted social groups on crypto as an authentic source of information, you must check out the below list.

Top 5 Facebook Accounts about Crypto in 2022

We have filtered out a list for you based on engagement, being an active, authentic source of education, reviews, and attached platforms such as YouTube channels, etc.

Crypto collectors club

James Clayton created the group Crypto collectors club. Today it has 79.1 k members, increasing with time and popularity of crypto and this group. This group is open for everyone to learn. However, they follow specific rules to keep this group sticking to its main topic: learning about cryptocurrencies. This group specifically caters to the learning of newbies. The newcomers can post and ask questions regarding cryptocurrencies. The Crypto collector club is an active group where your queries are answered as soon as the admins approve your post.

Crypto collectors club from Facebook

Crypto collectors club from Facebook

Crypto land

Crypto land is another authentic cryptocurrency learning group on Facebook with 35.5 k members. This page is run by captain altcoin. This group is for crypto traders, investors, and learners. It fits anyone who is an ardent learner and enthusiast about crypto and its revolution. This group will help you in many ways. It helps you in trading and learning about the crypto industry with its active members and fresh content that is updated daily. In general, it provides a solid foundation of understanding and knowledge of the crypto sphere.

Crypto land from Facebook

Crypto land from Facebook

Cryptocurrency Academy

Like other pages, cryptocurrency academy is all about cryptocurrency. This page keeps you updated about bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchain cryptos. However, the contrasting difference is that this page educates and discusses the crypto sphere. This is the right platform on Facebook if you are keen to learn about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Moreover, this group also provides you with valuable information about ICOs, general articles about cryptocurrencies, and live streams conferences.

Cryptocurrency Academy from Facebook

Cryptocurrency Academy from Facebook

Superman’s Crypto Masterminds

This versatile group, named S C M 2.0, is listed among the trusted cryptocurrency groups for learning and speculation on Facebook. It has 27000+ members, who are increasing daily because of the groups constant activity. Micheal Suppo, AKA Superman, created this group. He’s a prominent crypto influencer. He has a great fan-following on YouTube as well as other social platforms. Superman also teaches courses on Udemy. His profile shows how trusted and authentic his sources of learning of crypto are.

Superman's Crypto Masterminds from Facebook

Superman’s Crypto Masterminds from Facebook


This group is a public group, open to joining for everyone to learn about bitcoin. The group is named after the very famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and this group explicitly acknowledges Bitcoin. It has over 46000 members who seek, contribute and participate in learning and educating about bitcoin. If you are experiencing any problems regarding transaction fees and volatility of the bitcoin market, be part of this group, which will also give access to YouTube videos and tutorials.

Bitcoin from Facebook

Bitcoin from Facebook

Conclusion on the Top 5 Facebook Accounts about Crypto

Undoubtedly, Facebook is one of the most significant interacting social communities. Uniquely, it has no word limit to express oneself, unlike other social network platforms. It has been serving as a great source of education, sharing of knowledge and awareness among the masses.

It is a great tool to market a specific product based on education and awareness, and what benefits the buyers. Similarly, these Facebook groups have been doing an excellent job disseminating awareness and education about the changing trends and the recent developments about crypto in the market, such as NFTs, DeFi, metaverse, etc.

Authored by Afsheen Khan

Edited by Yara Fakhoury

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