As crypto is getting worldwide recognition, Tiktok is becoming a newly accepted and widely used platform for both entertainment and sharing knowledge. Both are new on the block, the former is on the blockchain and the latter is on the media block. With its quick adaptability, Tiktok has become a guided repository of crypto tiktokers. In this article we list the Top 5 Tiktok Influencers in Crypto.

Over 11 thousand new token projects are operating in cryptocurrency independently from tailored blockchain or other smart platforms like Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum. The cryptoverse has exploded with a cumulative market cap of over 1.5 trillion dollars.

With the increasing number of projects and introducing of novelty into the crypto world, the sphere of crypto is expanding. With NFTs and now metaverse, we can never know for sure what the future will hold. However, with the emergence of the novelty of the cryptoverse, the role of influencers is bigger and more important than ever.

Top 5 Tiktok Influencers in Crypto in 2022

Tiktok is one of the widely used platforms to disseminate knowledge and insight. Nevertheless, the influencers use multiple platforms to share their experiences and promote learning. Their authenticity, genuine understanding of the content and lack of third-party influences make them stand out on every platform.

Our ranking formula is based on the widely famous influencers, engagement, quality of content, reviews, subscriber growth rate and what the crypto students have to say about them.

Let’s take a quick look at who is championing our ranking list.




Cryptocita is one of the top crypto players on Tiktok, and she outclasses every other channel with her incisive knowledge of crypto. With 714k followers on Tiktok, her content is based on crypto mining, courses, profit, ROI, market updates, rules and affiliate marketing. Her content is liked, reposted, and shared outside the Tiktok platform. We must mention that she is the top and finest crypto woman influencer in the Tiktok space.

Batboy Crypto

Batboy Crypto

Batboy Crypto – Ben Armstrong

Ben Armstrong is a very well-known YouTuber and ranks first in our list of the best YouTube channels in the world of crypto. After conquering the YouTube channel for sharing his experiences, he discovered the potential of Tiktok. He has 2.7 million followers on Tiktok, where he uses his medium to disseminate knowledge and experience. Batboy has created its brand for crypto learning. Armstrong is an enthusiast investor, influencer, and crypto content creator on multiple platforms.



VirtualBacon – Dennis Liu

With 272.3k followers on Tiktok, Dennis Liu is another go-to place for valuable and insightful knowledge on crypto. One of the wonderful things about this influencer is that he starts with the basics and takes you on a learning journey with baby steps. He not only shares his experiences, but he also teaches and educates about crypto in an effortless way. This 26-year-old genius is an analyst crypto investor behind the NFT launchpad BaconDAO. So, if you are looking for reliable signals for crypto investment, following him is a must.


CryptoWendyO from Instagram

CryptoWendyO from Instagram

She is a new influencer, and she gained popularity fast. This unique talent has 232.4 k followers on TikTok. CryptoWendy is an entrepreneur digital marketing media strategist who has been featured in the Washington Post for bringing crypto trade to the masses. She also runs her live show on YouTube, namely ‘O show.’ Moreover, CryptoWendy makes explanatory videos with companies, daily updates, money trading for the future, and follows technical analysis for altcoins and other cryptocurrencies. She keeps a portion of entertainment with her teaching process, not to bore her audience while tackling very serious topics.




Cryptomasum is a crypto TikTok influencer with 1.1 M followers. Mason Versluis is a young talented man. He updates his audience about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies’ recent development. In addition, he also does analysis, trends, technology, and finance price increase. His videos are enthusiastic and support securitized tokens and XRP. If you are looking for a new-generation influencer, you must visit his page.

Conclusion on the Top 5 Tiktok Influencers in Crypto

Influencers play a significant role in bringing the masses to the market in today’s work. With their powerful, influential skills, they undoubtedly succeed in championing a certain project to market. Many great crypto influencers on many platforms, including TikTok, are doing a great job bringing around the masses for crypto-trade. Tiktok is a great platform to gain significant traction with a massive available audience. Many great TikTok influencers are acknowledging crypto. These include the wolf of bitcoins, cryptochuck, and teen. Executive, Jack Dorsey, macncheeasy, itzjoshuajake, Crypto entrepreneur, and many others. With the growth of time and evolving platforms, more influencers will join Tiktok to share their experiences and learning.

Everybody has different likings and preferences. Similarly, the likes and dislikes of a certain channel or influencer also matter.

This blog is not for any investment purposes.

We are firm believers in learning and earning formulas. Crypto is a skill, and we advise you to learn about it for your investments.

Authored by Afsheen Khan

Edited by Yara Fakhoury

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