Uber Fires a woman driver for having her 3-year-old child with her while working.  The world is bursting with voices advocating for women to thrive or at least survive. At the same time, we hear negative news from a global company, relatively young that casts doubt on that talk. Uber deals with billions of customers and partner workers every day.

Uber, a Novel Source of Flexible Jobs

Having a decent one-click car that can take you anywhere safely and comfortably was definitely part of the new face of this world. A safe means of transportation that is way better than a classic taxi, of course, made our lives easier.

That is from the client’s point of view, let us see it from the driver’s point of view.

The idea of private cars turning into guided taxis is a real innovation. These cars, equipped to take you from any point to another, created millions of work opportunities around the world. These gigs particularly served people whose jobs got lost due to the global recession or any other reasons. They helped people who have no other ideas for jobs, or others who are able to take side gigs

Uber Fires Driver Because of her Son

Among those who benefited from this new job market are women. A lot of women happen to need financial support. They usually do not have big chances to build careers that provide satisfying lives for themselves and their families.

Nevertheless, Uber did not take into account the peculiarity of a woman’s life. The breaking news that was shared all over social media is:

“Uber Egypt fires a woman captain for bringing her 3-year-old son to work”

This news was heartbreaking to many. Azza is a Captain – driver – in Uber was called for a ride from a lady. The lady got in the car and found out that Azza’s 3-year-old son is on board. The lady rider got furious about this incident and decided to file a complaint against Azza as she plead the presence of the kid on board the car was threatening her safety.

Uber Fires for Being a Mom

Some women find Uber driver jobs flexible and suitable to their lifestyles

Uber in an unprecedented quick response decided to fire Azza immediately. Later, Azza explained on her Facebook account that she had to have her kid with her as she has no one to take care of him. At the same time, she has to work as this is her only source of income.

Uber, Slow Down, Make a U-turn

To put this incident in context, Uber receives complaints every day about technical issues or sexual harassment incidents. Nonetheless, they do not address all of them with firm and quick reactions. Only for this one that is socially charged and complicated, they should have given it time to be analyzed carefully. 

Communities put the responsibility of children on women’s shoulders fully.  Women are calling for empathy, compassion, and support to take care of this cherished motherhood role. Some women are desperate but persistent to find a way to provide for themselves and their families. They have no one to look after their kids while they are at work, and for that, we should salute them not fire them!

We appreciate that Uber seeks the best experience for its riders. However, this is a social issue that needs higher empathy and a deeper understanding of the why behind the little boy in the back of that car. Uber, slow down and make a U-turn if you can on this matter! 

Authored by Yasmine Deraz

Edited by Yara Fakhoury

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