Fighting Violence Against Women Throughout the Globe is our duty. When a woman shares her story of violence, she takes the first step to breaking the cycle of abuse. It’s on all of us to give her the safe space she needs to speak up and be heard.

First of all, it’s important to remember that when discussing cases of sexual violence, a victim’s sobriety, clothes, and sexuality are irrelevant. The perpetrator is the sole reason for assault and must bear the responsibility alone. Call out victim-blaming! Stop blaming women and telling them to avoid situations that might be seen as “dangerous” by traditional standards!

Survivors of Violence Against Women

Luckily, survivors of violence are speaking out more than ever before, and everyone has a role to play to ensure they can have justice. There are many steps and actions that witnesses of any sort of violence against a woman can take. Along with her close circle or by the victim herself.

“Listen to the Survivors and Believe Them” 

Many of the women who got exposed to violence are scared to speak about it because usually people do not believe them or they tend to blame the victims. By no means the victim is to be blamed for what she encountered. Our role is to give her the chance to tell her story and give all the support so she can speak up about it and get the proper help.

Break the Silence When Violence Exists

Listen to the Victim When she Breaks the Silence

Education for the Next Generations

Educating younger generations about gender, respect and human rights is key to avoiding violence. Let them have clear perceptions of equality. Teach them to reject societal stereotypes and traditional features of bias. Encourage the culture of acceptance. Break the Bias Forever within new generations!

Learn the Signs of Abuse and Violence Against Women

There are many forms of abuse, all of which have serious physical and emotional effects on the victims. If you’re concerned about a friend who may be experiencing violence, look for clues and signs of these effects. Someone will show when they are feeling unsafe, learn about the ways to help them find safety and support.

Needless to Say, Stand Against Rape Culture

Rape culture is the social environment that allows sexual violence to grow, feel normalized, and justified. The persistent gender inequalities and attitudes about gender and sexuality are its fuel. Naming it is the first step to dismantling it.

Hold Each Other Accountable

Violence can take many forms, including sexual harassment in the workplace and in public spaces. Take a stand by calling it out when you see it: catcalling, inappropriate sexual comments, and sexist jokes are never okay.
Create a safer environment for everyone by challenging your peers to reflect on their own behavior. Most importantly, speak up when someone crosses the line, and don’t be afraid to ask for the help of others if you don’t feel safe.
As always, listen to survivors and make sure they have the support they need.


Get Educated About the Help You Can Get

List of Organizations that Offer Support for Violence Victims

Alliance for Hope International

Alliance for HOPE International is one of the leading systems and social change organizations. They focus on creating innovative, collaborative, trauma-informed, hope-centered approaches to meeting the needs of survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, elder abuse, and human trafficking.

End Violence Against Women International

EVAWI works to inspire and educate those who respond to gender-based violence. They equip the survivors with the knowledge and tools they need to support victims and hold perpetrators accountable.  They also promote victim-centered, multidisciplinary collaboration, which strengthens the response of the criminal justice system, other professionals, allies, and the general public — making communities safer. Their On-Line Training Institute (OLTI) provides professionals with the opportunity to earn 213 contact hours while learning about cutting-edge developments in the criminal justice and community response to sexual assault.

Global Network of Women’s Shelters

The Global Network of Women’s Shelters (GNWS) is a network organization that exists to unite the women’s shelter movement globally. Their goal is to end violence against women and their children. Through their work, they aim to ensure global awareness of violence. They support and strengthen the women’s shelter movement. They also promote effective policies and their implementation in order to prevent violence and protect and empower the victims. Their acts promote social change that ends violence and oppression against women and their children.

Hot Peach Pages

Hot Peach Pages is an international directory of abuse hotlines, shelters, refugees, crisis centers, and women’s organizations, plus domestic violence information in over 110 languages.


Most noted for its teal circular symbol and advertisements, NOMORE was conceived to amplify the power of the domestic violence and sexual assault movement and to drive awareness and break down the barriers of stigma, silence, and shame that keep people from talking about these issues and taking action to prevent them. Search for international resources and helplines using their directory.

The Pixel Project

The Pixel Project offers people who are first-time supporters of the movement to end violence, entry-level opportunities to contribute their talents to the cause. This project also provides online resources to get help and/or share stories. This help comes in the form of tweeting helplines from over 30 countries, daily. It also supplies resource pages with links to anti-violence against women organizations worldwide, and their annual Survivor Stories campaign.

Women Against Violence Europe

The WAVE Network is a formal network NGO composed of European women’s NGOs working in the field of combating violence against women and children. WAVE is the only European network focusing solely on the elimination of violence against women and children. WAVE adheres to the aims of the United Nations, stressing the importance of working towards ending all forms of violence against women and children in public and private life in accordance with the Vienna Declaration, the Declaration on Violence against Women, the Beijing Platform for Action, and all other related documents.

Authored by Yasmine Deraz

Edited by Yara Fakhoury

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