At Fujn, we are obsessed with a lot of questions about women and why is it the way it is. We know girls mature faster than boys. We know girls do better in K-12 than boys, generally speaking. We know females are the higher percentage in college and Higher ed grads. So, why is it that women become often homemakers, assistants, underpaid, or hidden figures at the most if the ones really persist? Women are the poorer and the underdog gender across the world. This does not make sense to us and we are obsessed to try to fix it. There is a glitch in the system and we are adamant to try to solve it. Join us in this cause. Support us. Follow us and subscribe to our channels to see if made any dent in this huge problem. Thanks for reading! #women #womenempowerment #womenpaygap #womenpay #womeninclusion #womenlead #pyagap #gendergap #genderequity #fundinggap #metoo #timesup #girls #girlseducation #womenhelpingwomen #womensupportingwomen

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