Women and Motherhood is a thorny topic in women’s hearts. It is easy to say that a mother is not up to the mark for raising her children. But if you look closely, this very mom devotes her entire life and makes critical sacrifices to raise her kids to the best of her abilities. Sadly, few people understand and recognize mothers’ efforts. The majority belittle and discount what motherhood requires. Pity on those who underestimate the power of the relationship between a mother and her child.

I want to share and acknowledge how unbreakable this motherhood relationship is. The unconditional love between a child and mother is second to none.

Phases of Motherhood


Pregnancy is something that changes lives and strengthens the relationships between people. The first pregnancy test, which reveals the presence of a soul inside a mom’s womb is the first-ever connection between a fetus and a mother. This makes the emotional connection for a lifetime. A woman carries her child for the rest of the 9 months with intolerable discomforts, sufferings, and nauseous conditions.

Pregnancy and giving birth

Pregnancy Stage and Giving Birth

2-Giving birth  

Delivering a baby is as difficult as “The life after death”. Most people do not know that it is the second most drastic pain in the world after being burned alive. Holding a newborn in your arms for the first time is heavenly, filled with love, joy, and emotions that cannot be defined by words. The bond becomes stronger and unbreakable between mom and baby. A sweet smile from the baby can wipe out all the pain and tears a mother goes through in labor. It is only the beginning of motherhood and there is a whole lifetime waiting ahead.  

According to research, “the most crucial time in a mother’s life is the birth of a child.” 

3-Weaning your Baby 

After the arrival of a baby, the sleepless nights begin. As a mother, a woman has a lot of responsibilities from feeding the child to cleaning him/her and making him/her sleep. A mother disregards her own needs, desires, and cravings to fulfill her baby’s. She finds happiness and satisfaction in performing her duties towards her child.

Weaning is a very painful process for a new mom, it takes a lot of courage to cope with the soreness of the breasts but the bond which is developed between mother and child is beyond imagination. 

Weaning Your Baby is a Colossal Job

Weaning Your Baby is a Colossal Job

4-Infants and Toddler stage 

Now, the baby is growing fast and there are some more tasks for a mother to do, from making soft meals, to cleaning up the mess, all day. The mom always tries to provide a healthy and hygienic environment to the kids. Feeding them with love, singing lullabies, conversing with them in their way, cuddling them with pleasure, playing with them with joy and the list goes on and on.  

5- School Life Begins 

The school years carry higher challenges for mothers. A healthy routine is the main focus in all these school years. A mother serves her life to educate her kids in all possible aspects. 

School Years and Mother's Crucial Role

Kids’ School Years and Mother’s Crucial Role


Becoming a mother is not an easy task, raising children is backbreaking and a life venture. Society ought to appreciate the contribution of mothers all around the world in ensuring kids, the future of humanity are born and cared for to become the great adults of tomorrow. 

Authored by Afifa Maryam Siddiqui

Edited by Yara Fakhoury

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