Women’s Day with My Mumma- Part 1 “Anisha, when did you come?” Anisha’s aunt asked when she saw her unloading her luggage from the taxi. Anisha turned back to her aunt with a smile on her face.

“Just now Aunty” she replied, touching her aunt’s feet. Her aunt blessed her before taking Anisha in her arms.

“How stupid I’m, Anisha. I can clearly see you unloading your luggage but I’m still asking you when did you come? I think I’m getting old.” Her aunt confessed, smiling a little at her foolishness.

“Come on aunty don’t put it like that in my eyes you are still young and if you don’t believe me then go and ask uncle. He will tell you.” Anisha replied, chuckling, and winking at her aunt. Her aunt laughed a little, shaking her head. Anisha paid the taxi driver and shifted her luggage inside her house with the help of her aunt.

Her aunt led her to the dining hall and served her tea. Both women sat beside each other, discussing the time when Anisha was unmarried. They relieved their memories in their conversations. Her aunt inquired about Anisha’s husband and her five-year-old kid. She replied they were fine and doing well in their respective lives.

“Happy Women’s Day Aunty.” Anisha wished her aunt in between the conversation. A tiny smile adhered to Sushma’s lips after hearing Anisha’s words.

“Thank you, Beta. Thanks for wishing me. Happy Women’s Day to you too.” Sushma replied, remembering her son Piyush who had forgotten to wish her on this day. She wondered how different daughters are and what kind of bond a mother shares with her daughter. She had a son, so she never knew how it felt to have a daughter. Anisha, her husband’s niece was close to her and she has always treated her as her daughter. But nothing could fulfill the void place of a daughter in her life. A woman may love her son the most but what they share with their daughters is completely different and magical. Nothing can ever fill that place. They bond like friends, gossip like old ladies, cry on each other’s shoulder, take care of each other like two mothers, fight like couples and make up for each other by giving gifts and making their favorite dishes. Daughter is a daughter there is no replacement for her.

“Aunty, what happened?” Anisha asked, pulling her aunt back in present. Sushma gathered herself as Anisha’s words fell in her ear.

“Nothing, I was just thinking about something,” Sushma responded, dismissing the topic.

“You know what Anisha.  Yesterday, I was thinking about you. You always visit your mother on Women’s day to celebrate her life. You never leave her behind. I wish I had a daughter like you. Because no one can love a mother more than a daughter. She stays connected with her parents even after shifting in someone else’s home.” Sushma voiced her opinion, trying hard to hold back her tears.

“Aunty, I’m your daughter. I never thought that you are not my mother. And about my Mumma, I can never leave her behind. She’s everything I have. She’s too precious to leave or forget.”

“True. So, go meet your mother. She’s waiting for you. Call me if you need anything. I’m here.” Sushma concluded, putting an end to their conversation. Anisha kept the teacup on the table and moved upstairs to meet her favorite woman who must be waiting to see her desperately.

Mom Daughter Relationship

“And about my Mumma, I can never leave her behind. She’s everything I have. She’s too precious to leave or forget.”

Mumma, your Daughter is Back!

“I’m home, Mumma” She yelled, excitedly while entering her mother’s room but silence greeted her back. Her mother didn’t come to meet her daughter like in the old days. She wandered into her room, admiring all the pictures her mother had hung on her picture wall. Anisha was there in every picture with her parents and brother. Her mother had always loved her more as she stayed with her parents until she got married. Her brother moved out with his wife when he got his job offer. She remembered how devastated her mother was when her son moved out. She was angry at her faith for taking the most precious thing of her life away from her. Rekha cried a lot that time and Anisha stayed beside her mother, consoling her, embracing her like a child.

Anisha pushed the memories and stepped forward towards the cupboard that had her belongings in it. She opened it and found everything sitting in its place. Just like she had left behind before getting married. All her things mattered a lot to her mother, be it her school prizes, certificates, mark sheets, toys, clothes, makeup, jewelry, or books. Her mother had collected everything to preserve it as her memories.

She opened the drawer to pull Rekha’s diary and the letter Rekha wrote for her before separating. She had read this letter and her diary thousands of times but never got enough of it. Anisha wanted to keep it with her but it pained a lot to keep her mother’s things with her. That’s why she visited her mother on Women’s day to celebrate it with her. Women’s day was Anisha’s favorite day because she believed that mothers deserve this day too.

On this day, we celebrate the achievements of successful women, but no one is more successful than our mothers. They bring life to earth by putting their life at stake. This role must be worshiped and honored on this day. Because no job is greater than being a mother and no job is harder than being a mother. Women cross these hardships daily with a smile on their faces.

International Women's Day

” We celebrate the achievements of successful women, but no one is more successful than our mothers.” 

Every year, she and her brother celebrated it with great enthusiasm. On this day, she’d decorate her mother’s room, buy gifts for her, cook her favorite meal and cake, design a card, and write a letter just to thank her mother for whatever she had done for them.

Especially after her father’s death. Being a single mother was always tough for her mother but she never showed a single sign of pain. She concealed it all only to see her kids happy and smiling. She never voiced her pain but locked it inside a bottle and kept it hidden in her heart. Her mother was a strong lady as she bore it all silently.

But all the mothers in the world are strong, aren’t they?

Or maybe there is something in this relationship that automatically makes a woman strong and gives her courage to fight against the cruel world and pain alone just to secure her kids. Being a mother Anisha can understand very well. She’d do anything in her power if anything harmed her baby. And that’s how her mother was very very protective of her kids.

Anisha opened the diary shrugging all things away from her as she didn’t want to cry on her special day. Her favorite woman won’t appreciate it. Keeping everything aside, Anisha unfolded the letter and began to read it.

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Authored by Aashna Chawla

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