Avoiding Domestic Gender Bias is the first step to achieving a world free from gender bias. Families are at the forefront of change when it comes to gender equality. Parents at home establish an example for the next generation. From breaking down gender stereotypes to sharing the workload to educating children about women’s rights and gender equality, here are some ways you can inspire your family. 

Tips to Avoid Domestic Gender Bias

1) Have a conversation about it 

Women’s rights and gender equality are important topics to discuss with your children. By talking to your children about gender equality and what needs to be done to achieve a gender-equal world, you’ll be preparing them to lead the way to a brighter future for everyone. 

Avoiding Domestic Gender Bias

Domestic Gender Bias is a culture

2) Distribute the responsibility

Women mainly do at least twice as much unpaid work as men, from cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the kids. As a result, tens of thousands of women and girls are denied equitable access to education, full-time paid employment, and enough rest!
Set a good example by splitting all household chores and babysitting duties equally. Include boys, as well as girls, in childcare and domestic tasks from an early age. 

3) Adopt a variety of role models

Role models come in all forms and sizes and have different genders, skin tones, and cultural origins. Show your children role models of all genders and colors to encourage them to embrace gender equality. Also, remind children that they may be whoever they desire, regardless of gender. 

4) Encourage your children to speak up 

Gender equality is being championed by young people all across the world. We can all have a better future if we empower and educate young advocates about women’s rights. 

Aigul Alybaeva is helping to improve women’s rights and gender equality in Kyrgyzstan by encouraging her daughter to participate in a school-based program that aims to empower girls, foster inter-generational discourse, and shift attitudes around child marriage.

“We try to assist her and provide an enabling environment at home so that she has the time she needs to study and prepare for her assignments,” Aigul says of her mother-daughter connection. “Feminism is ingrained in her personality. After learning about women’s legal rights in her nation, she became interested in law.”

5) Be a fighter against prejudices, particularly your own

Fight for gender equality causes

Fight for gender equality causes

People determine what it means to be a boy or a girl. This societal conditioning typically expects children to comply with precise and restrictive gender norms and expectations early. We all have gender biases that we aren’t necessarily aware of. These are roles we’ve internalized due to societal expectations about how men and women should dress, behave, and show themselves. It even affects the kind of work they should undertake in some situations. It is our duty as parents to recognize these biases and combat the preconceptions our children continually face. By confirming their choices, reminding them that it’s OK to be different, and creating a culture of acceptance, you can show your children that your home is a safe place for them to express themselves as they are. 

6) Put an end to body shaming. 


We are naturally compelled to compare ourselves to the media’s, culture’s, and society’s definitions of beauty. We always compare ourselves to others and feel evaluated based on our physical appearance. Because body-shaming is a learned behavior, parents must provide a good example for their children. Avoid being judgmental of others’ bodies, including your own, and reject sexist, negative notions of body standards. 

At home, instill a body-positive mindset in your children by demonstrating that their behavior and character are what defines them, rather than appearance.

7) Pay attention to them and take notes 

Today’s young, numbering 1.8 billion, represent limitless opportunities and immense talent for shaping a brighter future for the globe. But, to properly harness that power, we must pay close attention to them. In today’s world, both girls and boys have a responsibility to achieve gender equality. Young people have been speaking up loudly and feverishly about issues that affect them and the world over the last few years. Young people have a lot to contribute to the dialogue about human rights, climate action, and of course, GENDER EQUALITY !!


Authored by Afifa Maryam Siddiqui

Edited by Yara Fakhoury

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