Promote yourself on Medium.com here is how: Medium is considered one of the most popular and effective Platforms to interact with readers and get paid for producing high-quality, relevant material. Having a  blog on the platform can help you reach a wider audience, create a reputation for your brand, and make money. We’ve included the most significant recommendations to assist you in managing the ins and outs of Medium blog promotion in this article. 

To promote yourself on Medium.com, follow the tips in this piece. Make sure you monetize your traffic to get the best results. You can, for example, join an affiliate network, add affiliate links to your blog, and earn a percentage on every sale made through your affiliate link. 

Promote yourself on Medium.com

Promote yourself on Medium.com

What Exactly Is Medium? 

Medium is a blogging platform that blends its content with contributions from independent authors who can earn money through a partnership scheme. Anyone may post on Medium, and becoming a partner requires only one article. The concept is simple: the more people who read you, the more money you make. 

So, whether you’re just getting started with Medium or are a seasoned author looking for some pointers, you may find some informative material in this blog. 

How to Promote Your Blog Using Medium 

Let’s go right to the point and see what a content creator may do to advertise their site and earn money by producing high-quality content. 

Contribute to other Medium pages as a guest blogger 

Guest posting is a well-known strategy to increase your readership, and you can do it right here on  Medium. 

Choose a specific, niche audience. Look for blogs and authors who write about comparable topics to yours and see how your work might complement theirs. It will assist in attracting relevant traffic from readers who are more inclined to stay. Don’t skimp on content, and carefully select your blogs. Posting a  high-quality article on a high-quality site will get you the best results. 

Obtain coverage in relevant publications 

If you have a newsletter, your subscribers notice your new content, but that’s it. 

Getting your work published on Medium is a fantastic way to reach new readers and develop your reputation. But first, what exactly is a Medium article? A publication is a collection of works by various 

authors linked by a common theme or targeted at a specific audience. These can range from broad to clear, and either type can provide an excellent subscriber base. 

Make comments on other authors’ articles 

Keep in mind that Medium is a community with many similarities to social media regarding how people interact with content. 

Engaging with other authors, demonstrating curiosity, and fostering thought-provoking debates will help you establish a reputation in that community. 

Share your profile’s links 

Leave a link to your profile in your comments to increase your chances of being followed. After all, the more options for finding you, the more new readers you’ll likely attract. It’s like planting breadcrumbs all over the place that lead to your page. 

Maintain Consistency 

Forming excellent habits requires Consistency. Regularly posting implies that your audience will know when fresh content will be published and will have something to anticipate. While there is no ideal posting time on Medium, Consistency is essential. 

Pay for Promotions 

We’ve seen a lot of things you can accomplish on Medium, and sponsored ads will take care of what you can’t. It is valid for both content marketing and everything else! 

Targeted Medium ads on Twitter or Facebook to improve views and, as usual, the likelihood of people remaining around after they’ve viewed your work. 

Build a Loyal Following 

Your audience will appreciate the opportunity to get to know you. Engage with your reader on social media, work on your public image, and hook! 

It will benefit you in two ways: you’ll be able to convert readers into social media followers, and you’ll be able to gain new followers on Medium from your social profile’s existing following. 

Don’t Just Depend on Medium 

Finally, don’t throw all your eggs into one basket. Make the same changes to your website and other platforms. Platforms can be acquired and sold or even shut down, and rules and policies can change.  Instead, don’t put all of your energy on one platform; employ various tools to build your brand. Include  Medium in a larger plan! Okay, now you know how to get your fantastic material seen. But what about the part about “great”? 

Come up with a captivating title 

First and foremost. Make your job titles distinctive.

When new readers come upon your Medium content, they only have the header, subheading, and thumbnail. Your headline should grab people’s attention and pique their interest. 

Make Your Thumbnail Better 

The picture your reader sees in the preview is critical to increasing your chances of a click, a view, and ultimately a follow. 

So do your homework. 

Make a list-style post 

As you may know, Medium pays authors for the time people spend reading their work. You can only get so far with clicks, views, and followers. 

Making your content into a list is one approach to ensure that more people read it all the way through.  Lists are viral. They are aesthetically predictable and easy to understand, and they divide information into digestible portions without requiring the reader to exert any effort. 

Create an infographic 

Infographics are another thing that we all love. Also, provide that lovely break from written to visual information and assists us in better absorbing the language as a whole when included in a text. Plus,  infographics offer helpful information in a visually appealing format, making it ideal for sharing. 

There is lots of free software available to help you build your infographics and make your content more appealing. 

Post Videos 

Videos are an excellent way to add variety to your material. They can give your story more significance,  illustrate it, or offer new information. Videos, like photographs, will provide a welcome respite from reading while still keeping your reader engaged. 

They’ll also keep your reader occupied for a few minutes longer, increasing your overall reading time! 

Make High-Quality Content Available 

We’ve stated it before: readers come to Medium for high-quality material, and they won’t waste their time reading things that don’t bring value to their day. 

Prioritize informative, meaningful, and inspiring stories by creating as many articles as possible and distributing them all over the internet. Putting money into quality will pay dividends. 

Optimize Your Content for Your Audience 

Medium has tools to tell you who views your content and helpful information for developing your brand strategy.

An in-depth audience study will help determine your reader’s age, gender, economic level, region, and interests. This valuable insight will enable you to generate more relatable, in-demand content while avoiding irrelevant, unpopular material. 

Use Best Formatting Practices 

Medium offers its text editor, which includes various useful formatting options. Take some time to learn how to format on Medium and look through some formatting best practices. To make your writing look like a pro wrote it, follow the advice of Medium creators. 


To summarise, contributing to Medium is a terrific method to grow as a writer, improve your readership,  and establish a brand reputation. We’ve come up with a list of 23 things you can do to improve your content and grow your Medium blog. It all boils down to three things: doing everything you can to maximize your chances of being discovered, reaching out to your reader, and making your content relevant, readable, and attractive.

Authored by Afifa Maryam Siddiqui

Edited by Yara Fakhoury

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